Manhunt Man of The Week: RandomlyAccessed Wants To Cook Dinner With You

I had the pleasure of getting to know RandomlyAccessed before officially going “on the record” for his Manhunt Man of The Week interview. While I hesitate to ever refer to someone as the total package—lest some bitter queens want to nitpick and search for flaws—I’ll be honest in saying that he (literally) charmed my pants off within a few minutes of chatting over Skype.

Our discussion occurred shortly before the Boston Marathon, and he demonstrated his sense of compassion by inquiring how everyone at Manhunt headquarters was holding up after last year’s tragic circumstances. We managed to take the conversation to a less morbid place from there, exchanging words about romance, travel, fitness and, of course, his naughtier interests in life.

Fair warning! You might develop a crush by the end of this post.

– Dewitt

Scroll down to read our full interview, see more pictures and get your pants charmed off:


To start with an obvious question, what brings you into the world of Manhunt?

Well, I’ve never had any of the mobile apps, so MH is the only source I have to meet people, all over the world. I’ve used it a resource to learn things about different cities, meet people when I’m travelling and just to have fun

Interesting! Would you say you’ve made friends through Manhunt? People don’t believe me when I tell them you can develop friendships on our site.

Tons. When I travel, it’s the first resource I use to learn about a city, and the people I chat with generally want to promote it to travelers. From there, face to face meetings usually lead to more face to face meetings, and friendship ensues. Some of my best friends were met with a simple email or IM.

Well, now that you’ve mentioned traveling so much, where have you visited over the past few years?

I lived in Toronto, Canada for 9+ years but spent the past 2.5 years in Australia, mainly in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. From there, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand.  But I’ve also been through Western Europe, parts of Central America, most of the US and Canada. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot.

Since I’m hungry at the moment, I feel the need to ask – where would you say you had the best meal?

There is a restaurant in Sydney called Quay, right on the harbour overlooking the bridge and the Opera House. An ex-boyfriend and I went there for a Sunday night dinner and from the wine, to the food, to the dessert, to the view… Hands down, the best meal and dining experience I have ever had.


Ex-boyfriend, eh? So I take it you’re currently single?

One-hundred percent. I’m looking to build a life with that one special someone. I know what I want, and after someone who knows what they want.

So what DO you want?

Openness and honesty. Conversation, and communication. Someone with confidence, drive, motivation and past experiences. And a great ass doesn’t hurt.

Now you’ve just got me curious about what classifies a “great ass”. Thick and juicy? Tight and solid? Perky and pretty? There are so many possibilities!

I would have to go with tight and solid. Something that looks great in jeans, sweats or suit pants. And something that looks even better out of jeans, sweats or suit pants. I’m a sucker for an ass I can eat for hours.

I highly doubt anyone would say no to your handsome face between their cheeks.

I’ve been told I know what I’m doing in that department. But practice makes perfect.


I don’t mean to completely switch gears when things are getting so interesting for our readers, but you mentioned over Manhunt that you’re a marathon runner…

Correct. I started running in Country Australia when there was nothing else to do on the weekends, and I found that I loved the solitude and the atmosphere. I ran my first half marathon in Perth, and my second last year here in Winnipeg.  This year, I’m running my first full marathon on Father’s Day Weekend.

Congratulations! That sounds like an amazing achievement.

It is probably the biggest challenge I have faced since I moved overseas. But I tend to meet challenges head on these days. I used to flee, now I fight.

I hate to force the conversation in this direction, but you almost made me cry when you empathized about the feelings I might have over the Boston marathon. Seriously.

I would never profess to understand what the people of Boston felt that day, or what they still feel. Or what anyone in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt or any of the other battle-affected parts of the world are going through. It’s just a testament to the strong will of people, to overcome adversity in the face of all obstacles. Be it a marathon, a job, a relationship.

Gosh, do you consider yourself a “nice guy”? Because you’re making me swoon over here.

I would. A nice guy, and a good guy. Not a great guy. Great guys usually disappoint in the end.


And you’re a bartender? What would you consider your favorite cocktail?

A Manhattan. Whiskey, vermouth, bitters, maraschino cherry. Perfect.

Would you recommend ordering one on a first date? This is my awkward segue where I mostly want to know about your ideal first date. Feel free to ignore the first question.

I would if you were going out for a first date. But my ideal first date is awkward to most. I like to go grocery shopping with a guy. Decide on what to cook for dinner, buy the ingredients, a few bottles of wine. Head back to their place or my place, cook, chat, have some wine, enjoy a nice quiet dinner. You get to know someone, and get a home cooked meal at the same time.

Plus, you’re at home if you want to have something special for dessert.

You answered my next question, then.

I hope your readers think it’s an acceptable answer. Let’s see if anyone wants to cook dinner with me.

If my erection is an indicator of what’s acceptable, then yes, it’s a very acceptable answer… Well, now that you’ve said enough to make everyone fall in love with you, what have I left out that you’d like people to know?

South Australian wines are the best in the world. Canada is full of hot men. Never underestimate the power of a good beard.



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