Manhunt Man Of The Week: bluegray

Each week we crown a Manhunt member as our “Manhunt Man of the Week!” We like to highlight guys with an interesting, fun or sexy profile and/or hot pics (those ALWAYS win out). This week’s MOTW is our first international man! bluegray hails from Argentina, and he likes to eat out, drink, and laugh. Our kind of guy…..and yes, we’re hoping “eat out” has multiple meanings.

How does the Manhunt MOTW benefit from being featured on the Daily? His time in the spotlight will surely garner him international acclaim! As well as 30 days of Unlimited Membership for free!

– J. Harvey

To meet our “Man of the Week” (and to see more pics of him), Follow the JUMP:

Manhunt Man of the Week: bluegray
Age: 23
Location: Argentina

The hottest Manhunt hookup you ever had?

The hottest Manhunt hookup I ever had was actually a few days ago…his username is [ed. note – Manhunt profile name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent]…He’s blonde, he’s got beautiful, bright eyes….a lovely face and body…I’d marry him! hehe

What’s your favorite body part on a guy?

My favourite body part on a guy would be probably his face above all…But I also like watching his ass, his arms…And sometimes it’s all about attitude more than physical features…I like them being masculine, kind and humble… as I am…

Who do you think is the sexiest man in the world?

The sexiest man in the world in my opinion is Gerard Butler…Damn! He’s VERYYY CUTE!! It’s so cute that it’s almost illegal to be that cute…

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

I once had sex in the countryside, in the middle of grass and dust haha…almost funny…I also had sex in the office…

And finally, does size matter?

Size doesn’t matter long as it’s not shorter or bigger than the average normal size…it doesn’t count at all if it’s extremely big…Normal size is ok (from 16cm up to 20cm)

The metric system even (we’re so sad here in America with our inches, feet, etc.) ! Love it! And an INXS fan! Michael Hutchence, we miss you. Thanks, bluegray!

If you would like to submit yourself as a “Manhunt Man of the Week” (meaning – you have hot pictures, and more than three words in your profile), e-mail us at!

13 thoughts on “Manhunt Man Of The Week: bluegray

  1. Yeah… Cause we all know that all of you have been chosen as Manhunt Man of the Week in the weeks past…. Sheesh! Are you guys all that shallow? Again, “It Gets Better”…… ANYONE REMEMBER THAT CAMPAIGN!?!?! It really doesn’t. You just go from getting bullied by straight people for being gay to being bullied by gay people for not being perfect in their eyes….. Don’t tell me I’m wrong cause the proof is right above this post and in other posts as well…

    You are a very hot looking chap, bluegray.

  2. I realize english is not his first language, but whenever you say “… as long as it’s not shorter or bigger than the average normal size” it means size clearly DOES matter! lol

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