Hot or Not: Mutual Masturbation

Here we go, yo! Here we go, yo! It’s time for a Hot or Not scenario! Hypothetically, let’s say that you meet the most attractive man ever on Manhunt. He wants to meet up, but there’s one major stipulation—you can’t touch him. All he wants to do is jerk off together.

On one hand, this is a big let down. You’ve been wanting to get your hands and tongue all over him ever since you laid eyes on his profile. Though he’s hot and everything, a no-strings-attached romp with a different guy might result in more satisfaction.

With that said, you could look at it from an entirely different angle. The sexual tension could add a touch of eroticism to the experience! Potentially. Also, maybe once he sees you in all your glory, he’ll invite you back for a second round with no boundaries whatsoever. Maybe.

So what do you say? Would you take this man up on his offer? Beyond this scenario, what are your thoughts on mutual masturbation? Can it ever be a satisfying experience? Or would you much rather take care of yourself than do it in the company of another? So many questions!

– Dewitt

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699 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Mutual Masturbation

  1. I don’t get off on mutual masturbation, no pun intended.  I much prefer a very personal interactive encounter leading to release.  Masturbation generally means I’m not into the guy after all … and often will stop short, would rather not cum … wait for a better moment.   But that’s me …

  2. I’m into more than no-touch jacking off for in-person encounters.  You can do that much on cam.  

  3. Not for me. Kinda boring and sometimes does mean I’m not into you or we can’t compromise on you bottoming.

  4. It has its perks… Its safe, visually pleasing, and give ya something hot to look at while ya go to town on yourself. Also, it definitely has the potential to go further, so its always worth a shot 😉

    I prefer body contact with the other guy… Kissing, sucking, massaging, etc… but not opposed to mutual masturbation. I have only tried it two or three times, but the encounters were pretty hot! I will say this though… The other jerker has gotta be hot enoughto keep me visually stimulated (otherwise it really does feel one-sided) and attempting it in a place outside of the bedroom (gym, car, in a group, in public, video arcade, and so on) definitely adds to the appeal of it.

  5. I have a simple, basic question to ask.
    What does “mutual masturbation” mean?
    Is it simultaneous self-gratification with no physical interaction (other than visual and verbal) or stroking each other off ?

  6. Mutual masturbation is kin to watching porn…if i am to meet someone…there better be condoms, lube and shaky legs in my future

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