Manhunt Man of The Week: Bazinga1982, An Australian Music Lover

Bazinga1982 comes to us all the way from Sydney, Australia. You can definitely get a sense of his playful nature in his pictures, but he’s also a no-nonsense guy when it comes to what he wants. He’s currently dating right now, but don’t let that stop you from chatting him up! Learn more about this “crazy sexy cool” music fan in this week’s interview!


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Thanks so much for taking time for this interview! How’s life in Sydney?

My pleasure. At the moment, life is pretty cold in Sydney. We are in the middle of our winter here, and for me personally; things are a bit stock standard. Work / eat / sleep / time with family and mates and a bit of dating here and there.

How’s the dating going? Is Manhunt helping out any with that?

The dating is going well. Really well at the moment. Over the last couple of months I’ve made a conscious effort put myself out there again, and I’m having a blast (beyond the “sleazy” stuff).

Yes, Manhunt helps with that. I have been using Manhunt for a fairly long time and have met a wide range of different people on it. And I do mean wide. I have to be honest though; it’s a bit difficult, because there’s a lot of flakiness out there. Patience and knowing what you want and don’t want is key.

That’s awesome! What have been some of your Manhunt highlights so far?

There are a couple of really good friends of mine who I met through Manhunt. I guess you could say they are the “highlights”. Plus, even though it went south BADLY, I met my last boyfriend from the site. We had a relationship that lasted almost three years.


Now you’re a pretty big music fan as well, right? Talk to me about that. Who are some of your favorite artists?

I do love my music. The first CD I ever owned was TLC’s CrazySexyCool. I recently saw them perform in Sydney a few weeks ago. My most played record has to be Janet Jackson’s Janet album. I love artists who are great live performers too. I’ve been to a lot of live gigs, and the best (and by best, I mean my favourite) shows I have seen include Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope Tour from 1998, Prince’s last Australian tour and Beyoncé’s last tour. My favourite male vocalist is John Legend, and Mariah is hands down my favourite female vocalist (especially her “quirks”).

Mariah’s quirks definitely keep people talking about her. What did you think of her last album?

It’s no secret that her last album has been a commercial failure. The unfortunate thing about it in my opinion — and I promise you I am not a biased person who automatically thinks everything their favourite artists produces is gold — is that I do think it’s a really good album. “Meteorite” is my favourite track on it, and is currently on my workout playlist.


Speaking of working out, fitness is something else that’s pretty important to you. But on your profile, you also mention that attraction isn’t about body or face. What type of guys do you normally go for?

Just to make one thing clear, a sexy body and face is definitely going to grab my attention; however, what I “go” for is not limited to that. Sex appeal exists beyond a body and face, and for me it comes down to chemistry more than anything else. My “type”, quite simply, is someone nice, someone who can be passionate, someone who can be serious but also silly,  and someone who has a positive energy about them. I have no time and a very quick filter for anyone who has a toxic personality, and for self-righteous people who think they are better than others.

Do you encounter a lot of toxic personalities online? I feel like sometimes all this technology can alienate us further from each other.

I see the toxic personalities all the time, but I do have to say that there are also a fair amount of amazing personalities online too. I definitely do agree that technology can be more alienating, and I think that comes from what people choose to make of it.

If you treat sites like Manhunt as a sleazy platform that’s full of jerks, then that mindset is probably going to show in what you write in your profile and how you engage with and treat other guys. Even though I’ve had my share of not so pleasant experiences, I will always be grateful for “all this technology” as it introduced me to the gay world. The best friendships I have started from conversations in gay chat sites as I was too nervous to hit the bars and clubs when I was younger.


I like that approach. It’s all about the energy. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a great circle of people around me consisting of my friends and family. A lot of my spare time is spent with them. I am quite a fitness enthusiast which does take up a lot of my regular time as well. In terms of activities, the mix includes: hitting the beach, theatre, concerts, watching movies and the occasional dance party.

I do also love my personal time which I spend either sleeping (on weekends when I have nothing planned, I can quite easily sleep ‘til two in the afternoon), playing video games, or whipping out my collection of sitcom box sets.

All that sounds good. I love a lazy weekend! Anything else in particular you want to share with our lovely audience? Any parting words of wisdom?

I’ve found that it’s best to live by your own standards and not anyone else’s. If anyone judges you for that, to hell with them. 🙂



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  1. I think he’s hot. Plus I find it funny that his first album he ever bought was the same one I did. CrazySexyCool was awesome and so is Janet.

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