Manhunt Daily Wood: John Esposito

When you think of photoshoots that take place in the bathroom, it’s normally some wet stud looking sexy in the shower. This campaign for Skiny featuring the handsome John Espito utilizes the urinal and the toilet. Gross? Luckily the shots of Esposito in his skivvies tend to distract.

The part with the banana is cute. We’d like an actual comparison, please.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Homotography

For more pics of Esposito, Follow the JUMP:

18 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: John Esposito

  1. its not always a case of not being hairy, some models/actors are told to get shaved/waxed by whom ever they work for

  2. He would be hot if he had some body hair. A real turn off would be if he shaved his pubes as well! Probably does, and then moonlights as a female impersonator!

  3. Ok. Seriously.. Why in the HELL do you guys come here?!?!?! Is it to look at HOT guys or to BITCH and COMPLAIN about every guy who we all know is HOTTER than you?!?! Shut the fuck up or find something nice to say! Damn! Gets so fucking old!

  4. It’s not ridiculous. That’s damn hot! Maybe you don’t like it, but there are at least a million more who DO LOVE it! If you don’t like it, DON’T POST! MOVE ON!!! I know there are hairy guys pics posted on here! GO LOOK AT THEM!!

  5. there’s a difference between being naturally hairless and that stomach in the pictures, which has been shaved to death.
    otherwise handsome guy, shame for the moronic poses. as for the banana peel on a fully carpeted staircase…………

  6. I prefer the smooth look but I’m not crazy about the model, although the setting may be what’s turning me off. Possibly the same model in a different setting would look entirely different to me.

  7. Dude just because you are an ugly, fat loser with no job and no hope doesn’t mean the rest of us are. I like hairy men. If I wanted and ugly hairless efeminate wonder like you, I would be with you so fuck off asswipe!

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