Manhunt Daily Wood: Joe Manganiello

Did he come down in a flying saucer from the Planet of the Impossibly Hot Guys? Holy shite, I wouldn’t even notice the assholes tossing their cigarette butts in the sand at the next blanket over, or that droopy 75-year-old in the Speedo if he came swaggering through the surf. Whoever that chick is with him, she better put a couple more coins in the collection basket on Sunday morning, cuz’ she’s strolling down the beach with TRUE HOTNESS.

Oh, and for those of you not in the know – that’s Joe Manganiello from True Blood. He’s got a part in that male stripper flick coming out and he plays a stripper called Big Dick Richie. He pretends to be a firefighter. I think I just came.

– J. Harvey

For more shots of Joe, Follow the JUMP:

1,186 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Joe Manganiello

  1. I can’t get over this guy. That chick is one lucky bitch. So many times I had fantasized about him rubbing his beard against my ass.

  2. Joe is my favorite guy on ‘True Blood’. He’s the hottest guy on that show, and that’s REALLY saying something.

  3. …just to imagineto find a man like him… makes one happy! Too bad it’s never gonna happy… 🙁

  4. I had a BF for 2 years who looked just like this guy…of course my luck he was also a bi-polar, bi-sexual, drug addict!  Looks aren’t everything girls!!!

  5. His hottess is undeniable, truly God-like.  I didn’t realize he was so gigantic.  In the second pic after the jump, he’s almost twice as tall as those mere mortals. I can just imagine him sweeping me up in those arms and then doing naughty things to me.

  6. my my arent we guys getting a little overheated lol yes  like the girl on bridesmaids said im gonna climb that

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