Manhunt Daily Wood: Darren Lloyd

Darren Lloyd is a British model with a collection of sexy tats paired with a GQ face. He’s like a rough and tough biker that you can put in a suit and then take to a fancy restaurant. After he gives you a right proper rogering. Check out these gorgeous pics from London-based photographers SHOOTMEUP.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of the delicious Darren Lloyd, Follow the JUMP:

34 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Darren Lloyd

  1. I like tats but I don’t like the scruffy look with them. Clean-shaven with tats is hot, anything hairy is not.

  2. Although he has too many tattoos, there’s something in his face that shows some depth and he’s very handsome.

  3. The problem with the tats, Leo, is that they are like the proverbial eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room: hard to avoid!

  4. I think this guy is extremely good looking but I have 2 agree that is way 2 much ink !!

  5. Beautiful ink… just the right amount of it. Look at the butterfly on his chest. That’s some decent artwork. He is a hunk, either way.

  6. This guy is sooo sexy, love his tats, I don’t have any but would love to trace my tongue over all of his!!!!
    As for R kelly it seems it was a rather bitter comment, did he not return any of your calls????? And putting your comment about his equipment is childish, and wholly un-called for. Bitter and twisted R kelly shame on you!!!!!

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