Maluma Wants You to Try His Coconuts in New Single Cover

Maluma loves using his sex appeal to get the girlies talking… and it always works!

On Tuesday, June 6, Maluma announced a brand-new single called “Coco Loco,” which is slated to drop on June 8. No stranger to thirst traps on social media, a naked Maluma appears in the single cover art holding nothing but a piece of coconut and a few leaves over his crotch.

For context, Coco Loco is the name of a very popular beach cocktail in Colombia. It is a coconut-based creamy drink that can be made with rum, tequila, or vodka. It also may include lime juice, coconut cream, and ice.

“Who wants to try my ‘Coco Loco’…?” Maluma wrote in the Instagram announcement. “June 8, summer officially kicks off!”

As expected, the comments section is all over the place with hilarious and thirsty comments. One fan suggested that the preview of the new song should be dropped on OnlyFans. A different commenter was shocked that he used a – gasp! – plastic straw in the cover art for the single. Another fan asked, “The real question is: who wouldn’t try your ‘Coco Loco’?”

“Coco Loco” is Maluma’s fourth single release in 2023. This year, he had already dropped songs like “La Fórmula” (with Marc Anthony), “La Reina,” and “Diablo, Qué Chimba” (with Anuel AA). The singer recently teased an upcoming collaboration with Nicky Jam, but it’s unclear if “Coco Loco” will be that song.

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