Lucas Malvacini Is A Total Cocktease

We’ve featured Lucas Malvacini before, and we’re UNHAPPY to report that he’s still a total tease. Lucas will give you the sideview of his surely muscular ass, but will he shoot the full moon? NO! He’ll also show off his mouth-watering body, but will he give you the cockshot? NO! Damn him! We’ll take what we can get. Let your imagination run wild as to what’s hiding behind those jeans he’s dangling in front of his pelvis.

Malvacini is Brazilian, and we have to ask – is there some sort of model breeding farm outside of San Paulo? If the only thing you knew about Brazilian men is what you’ve seen here on Manhunt Daily, you would think Brazil is some sort of magical land with a male DNA hotness mine.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Lucio Luna

For more shots of Lucas, Follow the JUMP:

31 thoughts on “Lucas Malvacini Is A Total Cocktease

  1. With a bod and looks who needs to see his dick or ass. I like his pics just the way they are. a little tease.

  2. Not really concerned so much of his cock and ass. I would have no problem waking up to him every single morning.

  3. I don’t like cock teases but, since I’m a Top I don’t care about his cock!   ;-)lol

  4. Hey J Harvey…thanks for getting back to me.  Appreciate all the help you gave me…which was none. 

  5. That last picture…holy fuck!  If he’s Brazilian, you know he’s hiding a big piece of uncut meat…and I totally wanna see…and taste.

  6. fucking am A zingly hot… but how rude to hide his penis… he is so perfect i hope its a tiddler lol or else its so not fair!

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