Love Juice

The horny fucker Denis Skala takes one look at Robi Dane and immediately directs him to the train station’s bathroom. He pulls out his rock-hard uncut cock, and Robi drops to the floor to begin servicing Denis’ thick piece of meat.

Robi stands up and shoves his fully erect penis in Denis’ face. Denis woofs down the entire length almost gagging; but just as they are getting hot and heavy, they hear someone coming in the door. They exit quickly and head over to Denis’ place where Robi pulls down his shorts and bends over the bed with his ass in the air.

Denis drives his tongue in deep getting Robi’s hole lubed and loose. He stands and slowly pushes his cock deep into Robi’s ass. Robi’s hole is tight and Denis is definitely enjoying it, especially when he lays back on the bed with Robin riding on top taking his power-thrusts from below.

Robi start jacking his own cock hard and fast in rhythm with Denis’ thrusts. Robi’s whole body tightens as he blows a thick load of jizz all over his abs and Denis leans over to lick some of the cum from Robi’s tummy.

He starts fucking Robi again, harder and faster than before. He pulls out just in time to coat Robi’s chest, abs and cock with a healthy serving of his love juice.


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