Literally Just a Pic of Diplo With His Cheeks Out

Summer may technically be over, but you know what they say: “suns out, buns out!” At least that’s the motto Grammy-winning producer and LGBTQ+ ally Diplo is living by these days, as evidenced by a, um…plentiful new pic he posted to his Insta account recently.

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Don't forget to register to vote

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The “On Mine” DJ (who is never afraid to call out the BS of toxic masculinity) showed off literally ALL of his best assets while standing totally naked in front of a beautiful, undisclosed waterfront location somewhere in Jamaica (according to his location tag). And to combat the sheer gratuitousness of it all, in his caption, he urged people to register to vote in this November’s upcoming presidential election. 

Of course, as is the nature with this kind of sexy yet unexpected celeb content, the comment section got a little wild…

“Can you turn around for me, I have more election questions,” one user asked. 

“Where’s the OnlyFans?” asked another. (For real, though, where is it??)

Since the forthcoming election is so crucial, you gotta use your platform to get as many people to be politically active as possible, right?!? *nervous laugh* Kudos to you, Diplo, for using what the good lord gave ya to try and wrangle up young voters!

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