Lil Nas X Is Bringing His Gay Agenda to ‘SNL,’ Will Debut New Song

Lil Nas X isn’t entertainment for your children any more. He’s an adult now, doing adult things, booking adult gigs. So no more righting children’s books and popping up at elementary schools. Now, he’s giving lap dances to Lucifer, rapping about bottoming, and performing on Saturday Night Love. We love to see it!

After the show found inspiration in his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video only weeks ago, making a spoof version of the performer give a lap dance for Jesus so he wouldn’t feel jealous that Nas X gave a lap dance to Satan, now the rapper is getting the coveted slot as the special guest. He will appear on the show on May 22 when Anya Taylor-Joy will appear as the host. The pair will be the final guests for the 46th season of the series.

Saturday Night Live,” he tweeted of the announcement. “MONTERO + New Song.”

Montero is the name of Nas X’s upcoming album. “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” is the first track from it. If the performer does debut a track this month, it will likely be the second.

Nas X’s appearance follows the appearance of Dan Levy who hosted the show in February. That night, Phoebe Bridgers performed. Some of the best SNL moments in recent memory have included LGBTQ+ talent like Levy and RuPaul as hosts, as well as staffers like Bowen Yang, Kate McKinnon, and more. Some of the lowest moments have also seen the show traffic in homophobic and transphobic rhetoric for the sake of laughs. 

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