Like Vander? Watch Him Getting Serviced!

Those of you who follow Manhunt Daily may recall a certain fellow named Vander. After being featured in a Hot or Not post about eyebrow rings, he took first place in every category of our Popular Demand series. This may or may not have had something to do with his deliciously thick cock.

As it goes, Chaos Men invited him back to film the highly anticipated follow-up to his solo vid, and the site’s very own Bryan Ockert┬ádeemed it “one of the best Serviced videos” ever. And that’s saying something, because Bryan’s appeared in half of those videos! Guess he’s got some serious competition now…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Chaos Men

To check out Vander getting serviced, follow the JUMP:

391 thoughts on “Like Vander? Watch Him Getting Serviced!

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “serviced” video when he sucks the other guys dick and eats his ass. Maybe it’s just me. Very hot though!

  2. I’m so sick of all these short, stocky, gym jock meatheads. Bring on the lean sexy twinks please!!!!!

  3. Does anyone else find that weird coffee table with the white legs in the back distracting? I mean in the 9th photo it looks like it’s coming out that dude’s ass.

  4. LOL…coffee table?…leave it to gay men to notice the decore instead of the fucking…lol…I too look at the background on second glance…nice neutral color scheme …lol…and I like the smooth looking dude better btw…and his ass eating skills…luvs me some tite hole to eat…

  5. LOL!! Carbolt, that’s just hilarious. I didn’t even see that thing! Now I can’t help but see it.

  6. that other dudes name is Ransom and surprise surprise pretends to be straight but does it bare in almost every movie on chaosmen. Anyways that doesn’t make him less attractive in my opinion and he put on some serious muscle gain recently. Short HOT HOT

  7. LOL Carbolt & if U look at pic 13 it looks like it coming from out of his head ……
    BTW Don I noticed those 2 hot studs ASS’S 1ST !!!

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