LGBTQ representation on TV ‘at record high’

A record number of LGBTQ characters are appearing on TV, according to the LGBTQ media advocacy group, GLAAD.

In its Where We Are on TV report issued on Thursday (17 February), it says just under 12 percent of characters in regularly scheduled and scripted programmes are LGBTQ – the highest ever and nearly 3 percent higher than in the last report.

GLAAD also says that for the first time the number of lesbian characters is making up the majority, with 40 percent of LGBTQ characters identifying as lesbian. 

GLAAD’s President & CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, says of the report: “The growing state of LGBTQ representation on television is a signal that Hollywood is truly starting to recognize the power of telling LGBTQ stories that audiences around the world connect with.

“At a time when anti-LGBTQ legislation and violence continues to increase, it is cultural institutions like television that take on the crucial role of changing hearts and minds through diverse and inclusive storytelling.”

She also calls on networks and streaming services to continue telling LGBTQ stories with, she adds, “a specific focus on the trans community, LGBTQ people of color, people living with HIV, and LGBTQ people with disabilities.”

The report looks at the number of LGBTQ regular and recurring characters on primetime scripted cable programming and original scripted streaming series appearing on Amazon, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, and Peacock between 1 June 1, 2021, and 31 May 2022. 

– GLAAD found there were 775 series regular characters and that 92 characters (11.9 percent) are LGBTQ. 

– 56 (40 percent) characters are lesbian, 49 are gay (35 percent) and 27 (19 percent) were bisexual 

– LGBTQ people of color outweigh their white counterparts for the fourth year in a row comprising 58 percent of the total. On cable LGBTQ POC representation was reduced to 45 percent and on streaming LGBTQ POC made up 49 percent of characters.

– 42 regular and recurring characters are transgender across broadcast, cable, and streaming, an increase from 29 last year. 20 are trans women, 14 are trans men, and eight are non-binary trans characters. 

– 17 other characters identify as non-binary.

– For the third year in a row, LGBTQ women outnumber LGBTQ men on broadcast making up 57 percent.

Via Empire Online

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