Let’s Give Thanks For These Guys

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys. We are crazy thankful for all of our Manhunt Daily readers, and for Manhunt‘s 7 million (and counting) members! What else are we thankful for this year? Check out our list below!

– J. Harvey


Colby Jansen bottoming for the first time





Johnny Rapid’s beautiful (and busy!) butthole





Our ongoing collaboration with the extremely sexy, and very, very wise Colby Keller


Tommy Defendi






Boomer Banks’ gigantic monster cock



Hot straight dudes on camera for the first time (ex. Jonas and Nicholas)





5 thoughts on “Let’s Give Thanks For These Guys

  1. I am very thankful for Colby Jansen bottoming!

    Haven’t seen an update with Nicholas for a long time, is he going to go any further.

    And Manhuntdaily, you have let us down without updating on Bruiser from theguysite, he has a bottoming scene out now (with Jaxton Wheeler, no less) and it hasn’t even been mentioned anywhere .

  2. So much porn so little time? Most dudes only follow a good dozen porn sites. MHD Crew follow a few hundred, plus shit like nekked celebrities and Ben Cohen dancing in suspenders (Pardon the hyperventilating. Clutch mah pearls, he’s hot!).

  3. I know but they made a separate update for Bruiser’s solo and Bruiser’s dicksucking debut. Then he starts bottoming for a super hot guy and it’s not mentioned anywhere, I found that surprising.

    Plus Bruiser and Colby Jansen are friends, they watch sports together there are pics on twitter.

    I thought his beefiness suited at the very least Dewett’s taste in men, I guess I was wrong, or maybe he has a personal beef with Bruiser that I don’t know of.

  4. ekk boomer banks is so nasty looking i dont get why fellas are so OMG bout him…..meanwhile loving both colbys when is their scene coming out hehe

  5. Jansen and ageless twink Rapid in the same update? The first makes my dick hard, but the second is like stepping into ice water. And yeah, Bruiser bottoming the first time was hot. He’s wasted at Guysite though.

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