Leave Tom Daley Alone, Dicks

Tom Daley is the cute lil’ Brit who was supposed to be a shoe-in for a a gold medal this week, but unfortunately didn’t make it. If that isn’t bad enough, he was trying to win it in memory of his dad. Pa Daley passed away from brain cancer in May 2011. And then the final injustice – insane twatfaces started giving him shit on Twitter for coming in fourth! It’s the FUCKING OLYMPICS. It’s not like he was trying to shoot an approaching meteor out of our solar system with a big missile or he didn’t use his one magic wish from a genie to blank the Kardashians out of existence. Fuck, it’s a dive off a board into water! LIGHTEN UP, CRAZIES!

One idiot (who has since been arrested for “malicious communication,” which is a criminal charge in Britain) Tweeted at him that his Dad would be ashamed at him for losing.  Another said that he and his diving partner Peter Waterfield should console themselves over their loss by going to”  bum each other #teamHIV.” There is NO need.

That last bit was from the Twitter account of Welsh footballer Daniel Thomas, who claimed he had put his phone down and some other donkey Tweeted from it. His football club issued an apology, and Thomas’ Twitter account has been suspended.

Daley’s only response was to the first guy:

We can forgive the apostrophe (my grammar is awful, too).  Let’s console ourselves (and Tom, because who doesn’t like to be admired?) by looking at some new pics of him from the games. We’re here for you, Tom. You’re cute. And legal.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Tom Daley, Follow the JUMP:

1,557 thoughts on “Leave Tom Daley Alone, Dicks

  1. Those suits are what make the summer games better than the winter games. They should be the official uniforms for all the athletes.

  2. If I am not mistaken, there are other events for him, right? This was a synchronized event!! I am sure he’s in the springboard and or platform, too!! He’s such a cutie pa tootie 🙂

  3. Anyone who would knock a guy down when he’s already out is simply beneath contempt!

    Tom Daley is a great role model, unlike some of the mean-spirited malcontents who could never match his accomplishments on the best day of their lives!  Rule Britannia! 

  4. i tweeted to the waste of space who sent the offending message – glad to see him arrested the cretin

  5. He is absolutely fucking gorgeous to me!!!!!!!!!  He is a great diver too, all those nasty tweeters should try to walk in his shoes for a bit

  6. I didn’t know there was such a thing as synchronized diving, let alone that it is an Olympic sport!  Aside from that, any athlete that makes it to the Olympic games is already a winner and should be hailed as such, regardless of whether they make it to the podium.

  7. People will do anything to be noticed these days.  Anyone who would send a text like “You let your Dad down” to a total stranger is sick and desperate for attention.  

  8. the guy who did that tweet has now been arrested, tom daley will win gold on the 10m platform us brits adore him and he won’t let us down!!

  9. Tom can drop his speedo next to my bed any time and I will even spamk him til he picks it up.
    Butt on a serious note: Anyone that has loved and lost a Father will know that trying ones best is all that is ever needed.

  10. No one else is bothered that someone was ARRESTED for (admittedly awful and dickish) speech? That’s so messed up. I’m glad we have a first amendment in America.

  11. Google the story. The dickhead said more than what was reported. He threaten him to drown and other stuff. 1st amendment or not, he threaten another person and in most parts of the world (including USA) he will be arrested.

  12. Well all that I have 2 say is that while some little FUCKED UP decrepit troll is tweeting on his computer Tom is standing on the world wide stage competing in the Olympics with his PROUD PAPA shinning down upon him .

  13. LOL the three pixs with the stats has my PERVERTED mind thinking some very PERVERTED thoughts !!! 

  14. 4 years ago I could not say this, but I can now since he is of age. That dude needs to be buck nekkid in my bed right now.

  15. @J. Harvey … just so you know, there’s nothing wrong with his use of the apostrophe in his tweet … it’s possessive (well genitive if you want to be technical) … like the ‘his’ in “his using an apostrophe in this instance is fine” … you probably assumed he intended the plural ‘idiots’ … but really, he has a single idiot in mind.

  16. Just so you know, that’s a bit pedantic and not correct… it’s not genitive in this case, try substituting it with another possessive and it doesn’t work: “you get their sending me this”. I love a bit of Tom but the grammar’s wrong, he should have used the singular with indefinite article.

  17. I love tom,and he had more years togo,and like MHD said you r cute and legal,and you r my new boybriend,best of luck for the next games and ignore those douche bags

  18. OH MY GOD, I think Tom Daly is a very remakable young man, he’s had to deal with the loss of his father, who by all accounts was very supportive, loving and caring parent, then taking part in the biggest sporting event in the world, he has had to deal with sick twisted people sending him messages of this calibre, they should be named and shamed in the national press for all to see!!!!!! I’d like to see them do what he does. Tom, I am proud of you, brave and talented, you are a STAR.
    Wanted to put some other stuff in but I think it would be far to perverted!!!!

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