Beard Me Now: Tom Bull

Male model Tom Bull has officially joined Andy Cross and David Williams on the list of “Men With Beards That Need To Be All Up On My Taint”. No joke, I could wank to images of this man fully-clothed, because that’s how turned on I am by his bushy facial hair.

What do I want?!?! Those whiskers on my buns. When do I want it?!?! NOW, preferably while Ethan Ever slams his huge cock down my throat at the same time…

In case you were worried, Tom’s got more going on for him than an incredibly sexy, fuzzy face! He also comes equipped with a mouth-watering treasure trail, a unique chest hair pattern, hot furry arms, lips I could imagine kissing (or fucking) and a slim frame I could imagine wrapping my arms around, as we tenderly spoon one another all night long.

But for the most part? I just want him to give me a rimjob.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Matthew Pandolfe

Click through to see more assorted pics of Tom Bull:

56 thoughts on “Beard Me Now: Tom Bull

  1. Well not into the emaciated much too much wild hair thing BUT I see soo much potential here because he bears a weird resemblence to one of the hottest men on the planet:Beckham!

  2. Not everyone can wear a beard. And I hear the 80’s calling…….they want their hair back.

  3. His Hair is FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL – BUZZHEADS AND SKINHEADS ARE BORING, AWFUL and not sexy in the least.  If you got it, flaunt it, if you don’t, too bad.  Hair has been synonymous with sex appeal throughout history on men and women, but especially men – it’s the mane that distinguishes most mamals

  4. Actually, he looks to be of a healthy build, not the over built  kind we uaually see. Definently not emaciated!

  5. Beautiful hair and build! Much better than the stupid shaved and plucked look. He is what a man should look like!

  6. I’ll say something about the beard, I want it rubbing on my inner thighs and ass,
    as a shoot a load on my chest and chin!  😀

    There I said it! 

  7. Oh My God! I love his full beautiful head of hair!! (: (: (: and I mean his body and beard are just a plus. 😉

  8. IMO beards can make some guys hotter and other guys less hot. Tom looks better with the trimmed beard and would look even better without the beard, but he’s 100% doable either way.

  9. oh gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. i wannnnt him soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  10. So true.  So guys pull one off and others fail miserably.  Tom does look better with the “managed” beard look rather than letting it get away from him and looking all scraggly.
    I personally can’t wait until 80’s hair is back full force!  We have gone thru the Caesar and the buzz long enough.  Fellas let the follicles grow !

  11.  Would you guys shut up about the fucking tattoos!?!?! IF YOU DON’T FUCKING LIKE THEM DON’T LOOK AT THE FUCKING PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. THANKS B.S  I 2 am so sick of all the wining about the tats  EACH IS OWN  just because I might not like them  does not mean that everybody else has 2 dislike them as well . So get over it BITCHES !!!

  13. Facial hair is a natural part of being a Man. I prefer facial hair on men – anything from a few days scruff, goatee, to a thick beard,  and anyone that has not experienced  facial hair touching various parts of your body during sex – you don’t know what you’re missing.

  14. These are amazing photos. He is more a fashion model. Don’t see him as a porn star. Extremely photogenic.

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