Leaked & Loaded: 7Qs With Billy Santoro

“Wait till you see who is fucking who behind closed doors!”

Oh, Billy Santoro. There probably isn’t much I can tell you about Billy that you don’t already know if you follow him on Twitter and Tumblr. He’s VERY good at sharing, and with 128k followers on Twitter alone, he’s built himself a little legion of fans that will follow him pretty much anywhere (including into my mentions because of tweets like this). Which is good because Santoro has decided that there simply aren’t enough outlets on the interwebs for butthole pics, and he has JUST the solution. He was also kind enough to answer the Manhunt Daily 7Questions!  Let’s dive in:

1. Billy! Tell me/Manhunt Daily about leakedandloaded.com. Right now it looks like YET ANOTHER site where Billy Santoro is gonna get naked and do butt stuff. It’s not though, right?

Oh, you will still get many a cream pie from me. LeakedandLoaded.com has been a brainchild of mine for over a year now. I have two goals with this site. First, to show porn performers having real sex. Second, to enable performers to make money without being cast for big studios. LeakandLoaded.com is a double entendre. What would happen if I lost my phone and someone posted my pics and homemade fuck videos online? And, as many of you know, I tend to give the behind the scenes gossip through other online media, which I will continue to do on the site. Also, many of the videos that will be on the site will be clips of your favorite porn guys breeding ass and getting bred. I wanted to do just clips of the hottest parts of sex. I notice when I watch porn, I skip through to what turns me on. Most men are like that!

2. Is there a pun to the ‘leaked’ part of this? Or nah? (#meatflaps)

Of course! Cum! Cum! Cum!

3. Only because I can’t help butt notice the “Bareback only” requirement… What’s the deal there?

I am not throwing shade, but bareback sex is a reality for more performers than you would think. It’s hotter sex in my opinion.

4. Is this a paid membership site? Or can anybody watch all the things?

We will be doing a few payment options. Monthly membership, Pay per minute, and clips for sale.

5. Is there going to be any studio content at all on LaL?

We intend to feature porn performers’ amateur homemade videos taken with phones or webcams. We will also feature their unedited photos. We will be providing links to the performers’ profession work whether that be studio work or other.
Other monthly live content will include:

Billy’s Fans Pick-a-Trick – I will allow fans to access my hook-up apps and select a guy for me to invite over and fuck live.

• Billy’s Porn Star Guest – You will get to know the porn performer and his type as we hunt for a 3rd together and fuck live.

• So You Wanna Be in Porn – I will select whomever has the best amateur video/photo submission and film a live fuck session

6. Are you worried about submissions getting weird? (furries, animals, corpses, women, snuff films, etc?)

I get to screen all the submissions and purchases will be based on my dick getting hard. Let me just say, that some of the submissions thus far are insanely hot! But we need more. Porn performers (retired or active), Webcam models, and Porn star wannabes can submit selfies and video clips here.  We are buying your clips starting at $50 per clip. Clips only need to be 2 minutes long!! All info is in the link. You can make serious money this way and fuck who you want doing it!

7. What else should we know about LaL and when can we expect it? Is there somewhere to sign up for updates?

Sign up at leakedandloaded.com for the official launch date. I need more content. I refuse to launch a site that doesn’t keep you jerking off for hours. I have over 200+ porn star video clips…I want more! Wait till you see who is fucking who behind closed doors!!! This is going to be hot!


And now my favorite part: The 7Q

1. What is your favorite word?

I’ve been saying “pussy” a lot lately.

Your least favorite?


2. What turns you on, physically, creatively or emotionally?

Physically, new porn performer Rex Cameron. Creatively, if you can sing or play the piano, I will cum. Emotionally, terms of endearment warm me up nicely.

3. What turns you off?

Inhibitions have ALWAYS turned me off

4. What’s your long-term plan? In ten years? In 20?

In ten years, I want to be sitting at my laptop approving video clips and getting paid. 20 years…OMFG, I’ll be 60. Hopefully, the kegels are working!

5. What profession, other than your own, would you love to try?

I would love to do Forensic Investigation. I’m a Forensic Files junkie.

6. When you’re home alone, and masturbating without an audience or partner, what’s your guilty secret porn?

Machofucker.com! I love cute little bottoms getting IMPALED!!!

7. How do you handle all the negativity that comes the way of adult performers? Any advice on that for others?

This is a good one! I used to fly off the handle. “Why are they so mean to me??” But now I just make a joke of it. My advice is to read “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” and keep it all in perspective. In my experience, being yourself in every way and allowing people to see the flaws and owning them, gives you the power. It also makes you relatable.



This guy is awesome. I’m so excited for LaL, even though it’s not totally my speed. They won me over with “per-minute” membership options.  I’ll keep you guys posted about every development here and expect to be real tired of hearing about it by the time they launch. The world needs more of Santoro’s kinda smut.



5 thoughts on “Leaked & Loaded: 7Qs With Billy Santoro

  1. Over 500 and he still won’t launch? Wonder if that’s the truth. Wouldn’t be the first we’ve seen inflated numbers. I wonder which porn stars actually submitted videos to his site…I know most, if not all, fuck bareback but they won’t do it on cam- so I’m excited to see…still can’t get past billy’s face though.

  2. Awww! I think Billy is awesome. This will be an interesting project once it gets its legs. It’s not what I’m hungry for, but I know there’s a buncha dudes out there salivating over bareback sex. So. He’s got the market.

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