Everything Butt: Beyond Fuzzy

Because furry is sexy.

Monday afternoons just drag on and on if you stay focused on work, so let’s not do that, hmm? Consider this your 3:45PM impromptu furry ass gallery break:



Some of these guys are impressive, but some are just totally baffling. Isn’t your ass hot/sweaty like 400% of the time?! I’m glad for my peach fuzz compared to these dudes.

Still hot tho.


If you’ve got fuzzy ass pics, post em in the comments and I’ll add them to the gallery.


3 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Beyond Fuzzy

  1. Hot! I love hairy butts, though love smooth ones too – any bubble butt is hot, but hairy is extra hot. You’ll have to post guys with real bushes, since this awful trend in shaving them is so popular now. Not into the look of pre-pubescent children at all. The worst are the ones with a hairy chest and stomach and no pubes. How can the scruffy facial look be so popular now, but with things shaven below. Do not get it.

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