Kit Connor & Joe Locke Spotted in Paris Filming Heartstopper Season 2

Season two of Heartstopper is officially in production and even filming abroad!

Recently, a few pictures and videos came to the surface on social media where actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke were spotted in France holding hands and doing scenes while filming the next season of Heartstopper.

Though the first season took place entirely in the United Kingdom, it seems like season two will show the students at Truham Grammar School taking a trip to France. Or perhaps Nick and Charlie will take a romantic trip to Paris?

You can see the behind-the-scenes pictures and videos in the tweets below.

The cast of Heartstopper season two also took some time to enjoy themselves and visit the Disneyland Paris theme park. In the photos shared on Twitter, one can see Connor and Locke posing for pictures together, as well as their fellow costars Corrina Brown, Kizzy Edgell, Tobie Donovan, and Rhea Norwood, among others.

Given that these other actors were also on location in France, fans are inclined to believe that this is a school trip storyline rather than a couple’s vacation for Nick and Charlie (who are still teenagers in the series, one might add). Nonetheless, the pair will certainly enjoy their romantic trip to Paris one way or another.

The second season of Heartstopper can’t come soon enough for dedicated fans who fell in love with these characters on season one!

Heartstopper season one is now streaming on Netflix.

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