Kellan Lutz Isn’t A Very Good Underwear Model

Kellan Lutz, Calvin Klein

My morning train ride doesn’t usually involve a raging hard-on. But today was different from the other days. While I was minding my business and scribbling in my notepad, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It just so happened to be Kellan Lutz, showcasing his chiseled abs on the pages of The New York Times.

The article was about Calvin Klein‘s latest underwear campaign, which sought to emulate the famous Mark Wahlberg ads of the ’90s. We’ve already seen the pictures, and masturbated over the video where all the models ask us if we want to see their dick pics. But now things have gotten interesting.

Kellan was recently spotted going commando, taking us one step closer to actually seeing his man candy. This is all good news as far as we’re concerned, except aren’t underwear models supposed to, well… wear underwear? How unprofessional of him! Not that we’re complaining or anything.

– Dewitt

To see the pics of Kellan going commando, follow the JUMP:






(via Tabloid Prodigy)

14 thoughts on “Kellan Lutz Isn’t A Very Good Underwear Model

  1. That’s it?
    Slow blog/news day I suppose.
    Being an underwear models does not mean you’re under a contractual obligation to wear them.

  2. Dude they are pictures of Kellan Lutz’s big dick flopping around. Quit bitching about the slow news day and appreciate it for what it is.
    And I think it’s pretty clear that Dewitt’s making a joke here. Some people are such dumbasses on this blog.

  3. Wow, that takes me back. I remember when I used to look for guys’ packages in magazines and such, and there was that catalog for Male International (I think that’s what it was called) that always seemed to feature guys with dicks that showed through whatever pants/underwear/swim suits they were modeling. Kellan is hot as shit, and I have to say, although it seems like you’ve made 3 pics into 217, I like them! 🙂

  4. Dang! The first guy just did not get the post! But I DID!!!! Wow! Love it… “Just a swingin'”……….

  5. Dewitt again you find a masterpiece. My opinion is that more underwear models, like Kellan, really should wear their job less often. It would make some of our lives much more enjoyable.

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