Just The Tips: Know Your Trigger

Once upon a time, I had a little problem in the bedroom. When it came to the grand finale of any sexual encounter, my dick would experience a moment of stage fright. It didn’t matter that I was rock hard. There was some mental barrier preventing me from covering my partner in a puddle of hot white cum.

For clarification purposes, there was nothing wrong with my cock. Without the pressure of another horny naked man staring at me, I could shoot buckets of jizz all over the place. And for further clarification purposes, these weren’t unattractive men. A good portion of them were some of the hottest men I’ve ever fucked.

In order to leap over this hurdle, I had to discover my “trigger”. This loosely translates to an idea or image that never fails to send you over the edge. By closing my eyes and focusing on this “trigger”, I would eventually be able to get the job done. While it isn’t exactly polite to fantasize about somebody else during sex, there are certain occasions when you need to blow your load by any means necessary.

Although I haven’t suffered from this issue in ages, I’ve bookmarked certain triggers in my brain. Most of them are guys who I’ve fucked at one point or another. And since I can’t show you pictures of those guys, you’ll have to settle for Morgan Black and Park Wiley. These two are definitely my back-up trigger!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocksure Men

To check out Morgan Black and Park Wiley in action, follow the JUMP:

21 thoughts on “Just The Tips: Know Your Trigger

  1. Oh my god! This pairing…ONE OF THE HOTTEST IN AGES!!! At first I only really feeling Pary Wiley until the third pic after the jump…DAMN!!! This is the stuff wet dreams are made of! Kudos Dewitt! These guys are just…PHENOMENAL!

  2. Dewutt, I hear you. I have a couple of triggers when I need a little help. Mine are guys who have fucked me and more specifically the point at which they exploded in or on me. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

  3. Yeah, I found out the importance of a trigger for the first time this summer. I had to top my boyfriend after we had gotten into the pattern of him topping me for a while. It was really good sex, I had just gotten used to having a cock up my ass when I came. Ended up having to figure out a trigger while I was fucking him.

  4. I imagine myself in the situations posed in my favourite stories on Nifty. Turns my cock into a volcano when I need it. 😀

  5. soot, if they remind you of Josef Fritzl, then they are more than welcome to drag me into their rape dungeon. HOT COUPLE!!!

  6. I totally get that problem. I call it being accidentally tantric. Generally though my trigger is deep throating cock…but nothing’s 100%

  7. Hey JC, actually your situation is a bit different. It’s more about knowing when you get near your cum trigger. Learning to “EDGE” is the secret that you’re looking for. Good luck and thanks for sharing your trigger story Dewitt. That is very useful info. Oh and yea dudes are hot…stop looking at the camera…hot hot hot, etc.

  8. When I was having sex with my ex, I always had my triggers: my first boyfriend. He was a super hunk and my ex at that moment was not…

  9. This photo shoot bugs me… it’s like “Suck something – then smile at the camera – then suck something again – then smile at the camera – then, guess what? SUCK SOMETHING… haha – and here we go smiling at the camera again”

    Just a thought. =)

  10. Since when is it absolutely required for you to trip that trigger?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love to cum as much as the next guy, but if it’s not happening it’s still ok because for me it’s not always about the destination but rather the fun you had along the way.
    Far to often I find that the simple act of having that orgasm ends what up to that point was a very nice experience. And for those that are done when they cum, isn’t it worth even just a small amount of effort to give your partner who just did for you what you wanted something back? Preferably in the form of not just grabbing your pants and hopping out the door one legged while pulling them on… Food for thought anyway.

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