Junior Mag Celebrates Soccer With Hot Men

Junior Magazine

With the World Cup coming up next week, Junior Magazine is celebrating a little early with their latest issue filled with hot men! The shoot features sexy model Felipe Tajeda along with some of his equally delicious friends on a beach in Rio De Janeiro… did I mention they’re playing with balls?

I think this shoot might be the thing that gets in the mood to watch the World Cup, well, this and the extremely sexy players!

– Andy

Photo Credit: Junior Mag

For the rest of the shots, follow the JUMP:

14 thoughts on “Junior Mag Celebrates Soccer With Hot Men

  1. can I order up a round with the 2nd row of guys please … hell you can even catch it on video if you would like …

  2. revert to the old photo layout pls.. im not looking at ANY of these photos cause i hate having to cilck on each and then go back, it’s a waste of time!

  3. Yeah. Doesn’t work for me either.

    I like soccer, but this is too much work for a bunch of hairless twinks — who are great for fashion, but not very sexy.

  4. oh the agony of having to click on a thumbnail to see the image! oh working up a real sweat here! jeezus…

  5. Add me to the list of guys who dislike the new format. Did anyone check this out with the lay public before switching this on us?
    It’s just not as enjoyable as the previous format.

  6. Kboy21 is absolutely right. The old format was right to the point, everything was right out where you could get at it without the convoluted side shows, and you knew where you were going all the time. This new format absolutely STBW (sucks the big weenie), but doesn’t bother to show it. There is no new content in this “new” format, it’s harder to find what you’re looking for, and it’s much more difficult to maneuver through. Change for changes sake is not necessarily good and this website change just proved that old adage is STILL true!!

  7. Once again the Manhunt “organization” delivers an “improvement” that is crap.

    LISTEN TO THE FEEDBACK GUYS – this new format SUCKS (and not in the way we like it)…clicking on each picture = not an improvement, a step BACKWARDS.

    Hot guys but not worthy of clicking on each individual pic…create a slideshow or you’ll see declining traffic on this brother site as well.

  8. Hi everyone,

    We listened to your feedback and moving forward, posts will use the old picture format. Thanks for reading.

    – Andy

  9. god you guys are whiny, do you listen to yourselves? UGH, that’s what makes me not want to read the blog is you guys! Plus, can the fat old men stop complaining about young hot guys just because you know you’ll never be able to get them? stop pretending you just don’t like twinks or hairless guys, we know the real reason you complain about them.

  10. And VMan recently had a soccer contest with all the top male model agencies in New York!

  11. Use any fucking format you like…I will click on any pic of a hott fuck boi ANY time…thx for the pics…gawd men, it’s FREE for fuck’s sake…lol

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