Josh Duhamel Naked

Josh Duhamel

Continuing with our topic of naked actors, Josh Duhamel is the next hottie photographed in the nude. The photos are from his modeling days when taking full frontal "artistic" nude pictures was very common. Well, if that's the case then MANHUNT members are very "artistic".

Anyways, there's no denying that Josh is a gorgeous man, but he seems to be lacking in the ehhh…package department. I'm not a size queen or anything, but it looks kinda small from that angle. He has a beautiful ass though!

– Andy

For the uncensored picture and an ass shot, follow the JUMP:

30 thoughts on “Josh Duhamel Naked

  1. He’s fine in my book. How can you judge what you see and say that he’s small just cause he’s not hard up? Sorry, but I know plenty of guys who don’t show full length when they’re soft and they come out being a very good size.

  2. Next hottie should be the character Booth off TV’s “Bones”
    He is tall and YUMMY. Love to see his package etc 🙂

  3. My observation tells me he’s at least semi-hard in the pic.. that is stucking straight out. No arc or anything to indicate his balls are holding it up.

  4. I think it his hysterical that all you guys have to talk about are how hung someone is and whether or not he has a hardon.

  5. As far as I’m concerned, all you need is a mouthful–I’ll take this Michaelangelo’s David look-alike any day of the week!!

  6. Still it’s refreshing to see that the majority disagrees with “andy”.
    Josh’s got beautiful hair, abs, arm, gorgeous face tho only topic is his cock.

  7. If you watch “Mean Girls” there is a scene where David Boreanaz jumps out of bed naked, you can’t see much but it is hot!

  8. Lol Andy. Big or small you know you want some either way or you wouldn’t blog about it.

  9. yeah people do this at Perez too, if it is not hard how do you know how big it is, my penis looks small when it is not hard but when it is I have 6.5 inch, not big but not small either, dont get it…he is very hot by the way that ass is to die for, is this new?

  10. Honestly, I live for naked celebrity photos. There’s nothing more titillating in this world. XD

  11. Good God!!!
    He is such a hottie. I would love to have the chance to run my fingers down his spine while licking those delicious abs… MMMmmm

  12. Size of his package doesn’t matter to me….look at the body around it. That deserves and applause just for his body. Wow what a hottie!

  13. Com’on guys. Ever heard of depth perception? That photo is kind of straight on and therefore you are not getting the best angle. I remember once sending a pic of myself to someone who complained mine wasn’t that big. It is between 8 1/2 and 9 inches. At first I was hurt until I realized it was the angle of the camera that did not show me off to full advantage. The guy was a jerk. Let’s stop being so critical of over people’s endowment. Josh is fucking hot!

  14. Well it might depend on race.Men of african decent in almost every study averaged larger penises than men of other ethnicities.Asians were recorded to have the smallest.Which is definetly not to say there are no men of African decent with small penises (there are many),or asian men with no large penises(there are many)

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