Johnny Rapid And Dalton Briggs Facetime And Fuck

Hey, I’m doing two MEN posts today cuz’ I want to get them up asap so you guys can get into em’. Two of porn’s shiniest stars had scenes posted this week. Johnny Rapid is uncategorizable and inspires almost universal lust. Francois Sagat is a returning porn champ with a bubble butt for which to die! And you need to check em’ out!

So Dalton Briggs’ lanky-sexy ass and dick-sucking lips hooks up with John-John via FaceTime and then they come together in the flesh. With an emphasis on flesh! Johnny’s nude and astride his kitchen table, stroking his big, curvy cock. Dalton gets right on it. Who wouldn’t? Click here for more!

Johnny RapidTwitter and Instagram

Dalton Briggs Twitter and Instagram

Michael Xavier

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