Jesus Luz Got Back!

Jesus Luz Butt Censored

Jesus Luz is one sexy man there's no denying that, however, some of us were quite disappointed with what he was packin' in the front. Maybe he's a grower and not a shower? We'll never know. However, what he lacks in front, he makes up from behind. In the words of Sir Mix-a-lot, "Baby got back!" With an ass like that, Jesus needs a good pounding.

– Andy

To see the uncensored photo, follow the JUMP:

Jesus Luz Butt

14 thoughts on “Jesus Luz Got Back!

  1. Size queens are SO overrated! Who cares what he has as long as I can get my lips around it. And as for his ass: YUMMMMM

  2. DAYUM!!!!…Look at that sexxxy round ass…I’d love to rim that all night long…as far as the front….I could work with that as well.

  3. Met my boyfriend at a nudist beach,
    I noted a nice looking 3 inch flaccid penis as we played on the sand.
    Later that night when I invited him back to my house, I unwrapped from his shorts a magnificent, thick, 9 inch cock.
    Guys…. you just never, never know.

  4. No, not a repeat. This is his arse, not his tiny peen!
    BTW, Madonna looks like Mae West (I know, I know, I’m dating myself.) @ the grad age of 72. Sad. Except Mae had an excuse lookin’ that way. Ha,ha.
    The only reason Madonna can get these HOT guys is because of her past fame and possibly her MONEY!
    I’ll bet she’s had her va-jay-jay (Yuuukkkk)tightened by a plastic surgeon. You know it’s been ridden hard, fast and looonnnnggg!!

  5. Who’s the Crypt-Keeper in the foreground?
    Egad, is that MADONNA!?!?!
    Big Eek!!!
    Somebody should tell Her Royal Majesty to take up the veil. . .

  6. Madonna is looking like an old hag. If she was an average woman that worked as a secretary, do you think that hot young guy like Jesus would not even give her a second look. The only reason she gets these guys is because here fame and money.

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