Hot Flash: Rene Lopez Wants To Take Pictures Of You

Rene Lopez is a journalist and photographer in New York City who’s photographed big-name porn stars like Colby Keller, Boomer Banks, Tayte Hanson and Rocco Steele. Outside of the adult world, he’s worked with Google, Project Runway‘s Isabella Donola, the cast of Broadway’s Pippin and custom leather gear designers FMLeather. Currently, he’s collaborating with power bottom god Duncan Black on a quarterly XXX magazine.

To cut to the chase, Rene is looking to offer up his services as a photographer, free of charge to anyone who’s looking to get some new shots. If you’re in the NYC area—or you’re in town this weekend for the Hookies or the Black Party—you can get in touch with him on Twitter or shoot him an e-mail at

Having met Rene at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in DC, I can confirm that he’s a sweet, lovely individual who gives very good hugs, not some weird creep with a camera. I’ve actually contemplated asking him to take some new pictures for my Manhunt profile while I’m in town, but I’m hoping this blog post will have him swamped with so many requests that he won’t have time for me.

– Dewitt

Check out a few shots Rene has taken below:

Rene Lopez Photography

Rene Lopez Photography

Rene Lopez Photography

Rene Lopez Photography

Rene Lopez Photography



11 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Rene Lopez Wants To Take Pictures Of You

  1. If he could make me look half as good as those guys I’d sell an organ to get to NYC. But no amount of lighting or photoshop can make this old man look good. I’d probably be the only one he looks at and turns down because I’m beyond hope.

  2. All the shots, except the second last one had direct flash with harsh shadows at the back, I mean that’s professional, studio photo no-no numero uno. Maybe he’s better than photoshopping, but I am not those who like all the wrinkles removed or the entire face worked on with healling brush…

  3. Let me guess….another person who picked up a digital camera and now considers himself a professional photographer because he can over manipulate in Photoshop? These photographs, and I use that word loosely, SUCK! : ) It’s people, and shit like this, that is destroying my industry!

  4. Well, it might help your industry if supposedly professional individuals like you provided some constructive feedback, rather than dismissing someone’s work with such harsh language.

    Just throwing that out there!

  5. I happen to be a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Photography that I worked very hard for. I am an ARTIST unlike your “Rene Lopez”. So shove your “supposedly professional” comment. There, I didn’t use harsh language….happy? I wish photography would go back to film and then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, because all the “digital pro’s” wouldn’t have a clue : )

  6. To be clear – I was referring to your attitude as “supposedly professional”, not your artistry.

    Personally, I think there’s room in the world for the classically trained and those digital pros you seem to dismiss so heavily. As long as either are making work that makes people happy – or feel something for that matter – that’s really all that matters.

    I think what rubbed me the wrong way about your original comment is that it provided literally no constructive feedback or tips to improve upon Rene’s work. I know it’s not your job to provide that, but as a professional who wants to see things improve in your industry, that might have been a nice touch.


  8. I love the ignorance in this just because you claim to have a bachelors degree that makes you more of an artist and RENE LOPEZ lol all that tells me is you went to school for someone else to tell you what is art The reality is either you’re born with it or your not !

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