Jamie Foxx Starring In The Burial

While he’s been in sci-fi mode recently (with Project Power) and seems set to continue that thanks to his return as Electro in the third Sony/MCU Spider-Man movie that has just started shooting, Jamie Foxx has his eye on a less superheroic drama for a future project. He’ll produce and star in The Burial.

Maggie Betts is directing, working from a script by Doug Wright that is based on a true story. It follows a bankrupt funeral home owner, who decides to sue a rival businessman over a handshake deal gone wrong. To help with his efforts, the owner hires a flamboyant attorney to handle the case.

Deadline‘s story doesn’t say whether Foxx will play the owner or the lawyer, but the latter sounds more likely to us. Amazon Studios is currently looking to find a “legendary” actor to appear opposite him.

Godzilla, put your claw down, we didn’t use the capital “L”. When this will shoot is anyone’s guess, though it’s entirely possible Foxx will fit it into his schedule around other projects.

Via Empire Online

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