Jacob Durham Invites Seth Santoro Over To Play

Know what you don’t see a lot of lately in gay porn?

No, you see righteous fucking all the time. I’m talking about dudes playing with their own nipples. I love that Jacob Durham felt so free with this one that just went to town on his nips while he was ass-blasting Seth Santoro. It’s the latest episode of Falcon’s “Hook’d,” and it’s a hot one. You’re probably going to be twisting your own nipples as you watch it. Or not. I don’t like mine touched because I’m ultra-ticklish. Men have unfortunately and, I swear, accidentally been thrown off the bed for touching certain areas on my body in the wrong way. Nipples and feet. You’ve been warned future tricks of America.

Click here for more of Jacob and Seth. And let me know if YOU like YOUR nipples played with below!

Michael Xavier

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