Jack Mackenroth is 47 MF’ing Years Old Somehow

We missed yet another hot guy (though I can’t say Big Dick since Mr. Mackenroth is very stingy with that side of things and I don’t know for sure) birthday this weekend and on April 29th, Jack Mackenroth turned 47. And a painting in an attic somewhere got a little bit older and grayer.

In celebration, and just because I like well done photos of sexy gentlemen, here’s a profile on Mr. Mackenroth from the thoughtful and gorgeous BeautifulMag:



6a00d83451cc7469e201bb08ef2760970d-800wiIn the 1980s, gay men were dying of AIDS in frightening numbers so when Jack Mackenroth went to see a doctor for ulcers in his throat, it seemed only logical the doctor ordered an HIV test. The year was 1989. Jack’s test came back positive, which was at this time basically a death sentence. But not for Jack. Even though people were dying all around him, he kept a positive, hopeful attitude. Jack Mackenroth turned out to be one of the lucky ones. More over, looking back now, he sees his diagnosis as a blessing as it got him to do the life-saving work he is doing now and made him the person he is today.



Jack Mackenroth, American swimmer and winner of multiple Outgames and Gay Games gold medals. Jack Mackenroth, fitness and fashion model. Jack Mackenroth, graduate of University of California at Berkeley and Parson School of Design. Jack Mackenroth, fashion designer who competed on season 4 of Project Runway and in 2008, created a wedding gown crafted entirely of condoms as a visual reminder of the importance of safer sex with a nod to gay marriage equality. Jack Mackenroth, who has dedicated his life to combat the stigma of HIV, HIV education and to helping others infected or affected by HIV. Jack Mackenroth, creator of the national anti-stigma campaigns #weareALLclean, the Shower Selfie Challenge, and HIV Equal (HIVequal.org) and who served as the media strategist at Housing Works—a nonprofit in New York, which fights the duel crisis of homelessness and HIV/AIDS, where he created the #PrEPheroes campaign. Jack Mackenroth, currently the Director of Communications at MSMGF (The Global Forum on MSM and HIV) MSMGF.org. Jack Mackenroth whose only passion in life is life itself.  [Continued at BeautifulMag.com]



I highly encourage you to go check out the rest of the stunning photos of Jack, taken by Austin Wondolowski, over at Beautiful Mag. Their profile and sexy photos are an amazing tribute to a cool guy who’s done tons to raise awareness of HIV and managed to age slower than everyone around him.


Hapy Birthday Jack! Please send me a list of whatever beauty products are making this happen for you!


– tyler



3 thoughts on “Jack Mackenroth is 47 MF’ing Years Old Somehow

  1. I’ve been a fan of Jack since Project Runway, and like a fine wine he just gets better with age

  2. Jackie, you better lay off the Botox and fillers and face lifts – u are starting to look like a cross between Amanda Lepore and the plastic surgery addict whose goal was to look like a Ken doll

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