Is Jan C. the new Bruce of Los Angeles?

Gorgeous, muscular male bodies through

the eyes of someone who adores them. 


Even if you’re not immediately familiar with the name Bruce of Los Angeles, you’ve undoubtedly come across some of his work:

or seen his influence in the work of photographers like Herb Ritts or Robert Mapplethorpe:


When I came across the work of photographer Jan C. on tumblr, I couldn’t help but immediately see Bruce of Los Angeles written all over these images. I’m completely floored at the beauty of these men, but more so at the ability of Jan to be able to capture it so flawlessly, almost comfortably.  Comfort in front of the camera was not something that Bruce ever conveyed; his models strained and posed to maximize every angle and flex every muscle. But Jan’s guys seem serene and relaxed, which only serves to highlight their muscular physiques.  I can’t stop drooling:



Man. I need to do more situps.


You can see a broader portfolio of Jan C.’s work here.



– tyler


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3 thoughts on “Is Jan C. the new Bruce of Los Angeles?

  1. He seems to be focused on a type of man he wants to photograph when there are so many out there that can produce the same look and body type. I mean he takes great pictures but some more diversity would make his work more appreciated I am sure.

  2. Maybe. But maybe that’s part of the aesthetic. Bruce of LA only photographed a particular ‘type.’ Maybe it’s like any artist working though a period. For 3-4 years, Picasso only painted in shades of blue. Maybe it’s deliberate.

  3. Who knows what’s behind a persons mind art wise and his motivation for it. Personally I would enjoy a mix in the fold. Asian, Latin maybe American Indian for the feathered photo’s?

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