Is Adam Lambert Really Coming Out?

Adam Lambert
Lady Gaga's naked-ass self may be on a new Rolling Stone cover, but rumor has it that Adam Lambert will be the next face appearing on the magazine. But that's not all… apparently he'll be coming out!

Since everybody already knows, this isn't necessarily "news". However, it would still be pretty major for him to ditch all the "keep speculating" bullshit and let the rainbow flag fly freely, especially since Kara DioGuardi is already waving it for him.
In some interesting timing, Richard Lawson of Gawker posted a piece that suggests Adam's coyness is hurting gay America. It's pretty similar to my argument about why Zachary Quinto should come out, taking into account both stars' current popularity and the impact their honesty could have on the community.
Speaking of the community, we have a bit of gay-on-gay hate going on between Adam and Idol alum Clay Aiken. In response to some scathing comments from Aiken, the eye-liner clad singer replied, "I don't know Clay. I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before. If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him." Mee-ow!
– Dewitt

6 thoughts on “Is Adam Lambert Really Coming Out?

  1. Hurting gay America? Get fucking real. If he’s a poof or if he’s not does not affect me or any of my friends.

  2. gay america is ridiculous you set targets on people who you want to be gay and urge them to be gay because you want it.
    gay america hurts gay america by acting like stupid bitches in public.

  3. I agree with Ryan. If the Adam wants to keep us all in suspense, or whether he just wants to stay hidden for personal reasons. That truly is his choice and it’s not going to change how I live my daily life. For almost all of us, coming out was the most terrifying thing we have ever done. Now imagine how it would feel to have the whole media covering you, and begging you to come out. I say kudos to Adam for staying so coy about it for this long.

  4. Wow, look at the big picture here. When celebrities stay in the closet when popular, and only come out after their 15 minutes is up, it sends a negative message. Why should they have to hide who they are? Most of the time, these celebrities have already come out once, and then stepped backwards and ‘re-closeted’ themselves to stand in the spotlight longer. Once you are ‘out’ having famous people out themselves my not affect you, but it could have a profound impact on someone that is either still in the closet, or just plain still in denial.

  5. Why is it that if someone is famous and not out it’s “Hurting” gay america? It’s nobody damn business but that person’s. They are making the choice they need to make to get what they want out of their career. “Gay america” doesn’t need to lean on actors and musicians to come out for whatever reason, “gay america” needs to worry about things more relavent things.

  6. If they were never out it’s one thing. . .but in the case of Adam, he was out and proud before his sudden fame, but now he is just playing coy. What does is say when you have to deny who you are to get ahead?

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