David Hyde Pierce Comes Out… As Married

Appearing on The View, David Hyde Pierce talked about Proposition 8 and revealed that he was married. Luckily, his marriage was spared the axe by the California Supreme Court, but he voices off on Prop. 8 and his belief that his marriage is "none of your business!"

– Andy

2 thoughts on “David Hyde Pierce Comes Out… As Married

  1. very true, the idea that gay marriage would usher in a slippery slope of debauchery is just flatout untrue.
    i know of couples who have been together since before i was born; dont you think they deserve to make it official?
    some people think marriage is just a word/title, and those people are quite mistaken.
    marriage is everything in this society; it’s status, it’s class, it’s what our culture is based upon.
    birth, marriage, death. like it or not, those are THE three most important things in this society

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