iPhone Wars: Fourway Battle of The Killer Abs

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Today's iPhone Wars contestants certainly aren't strangers to the gym. And even if they don't have memberships, I'm pretty sure that they've been doing some serious crunches! All four of these guys are rocking a quite impressive set of abdominal muscles. Six packs, eight packs, whatever you want to call it… they've got it!

Last week, I correctly predicted a victory for Contestant B, but I'm not really sure who'll take the prize in this round. I do, however, have a favorite among the bunch, and I doubt you guys would be able to guess correctly. But enough about me–which guy will you be voting for? 

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

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killer abs, tattoos, washboard, gay, self portrait, mirror, bathroom, black guy, sexy, gym jock


model man, muscular, killer abs, Calvin Klein underwear, gay, self portrait, mirror, bathroom


cute boy, boxer shorts, young guy, asian man, washboard abs, killer abs, six pack, gay, self portrait, mirror


muscular jock, killer abs, gay, self-portrait, mirror, tough guy, scruffy, masculine, butch, straight acting

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13 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Fourway Battle of The Killer Abs

  1. I normally prefer black guys but A doesn’t do it for me, can’t explain it. B has that bad boy look and has a bit of beef on him as well. C is a cute twink that I bet bounces really well as he rides my cock. D is great too, but super beefy, getting too close to body builder for me. So B is it.

  2. however, I’d have an nsa hookup with any and all of them. and I love that they’re all smooth/shaved! woof!

  3. D is the guy that can just walk in your door and lift you up with his strong arms and swings you around the room. Prolly drops you on the bed, tickle you for few secs, and then squeeze you firmly with those strong muscles. Just thinking how strong he is, he reminds me of my bf and he got my vote.

  4. You should have kept it faceless, abs only! I would have voted for C, but he looks a little young for my taste.

  5. if the faces were gone, C would of won since shorter guys always have more convincingly attractive muscles… so annooying 🙁
    i’d like to do alot of things to B… but i want D to do alot of things to me… >.>

  6. D looks like a douchebag, but he’s easily got the hottest body, so I voted for him anyway.
    Am I the only one who thinks there’s something slightly girly about B?

  7. I voted 4 A like his chest but B & D r fucking hot 2!! BTW Furfiend I think u r the only 1 who B looks girly…….

  8. My thoughts are entirely the same as furfriend’s. I’m beginning to think we’re separated at birth brothers after reading some of your posts.

  9. hmm this was hard..3/4s of them could get it anyday day of the week..not into the meat head guy sorry D lol..but i went with C because we would have more fun but B came in a close second followed even closer by A but faceless A was beating B..C had it all the way..
    Good Day

  10. C makes me puke or should I say limp! Is this contestant really in 2nd place!? Then if so why are there almost NO asian guys (maybe 3-5 MAX) in mainstream gay porn! B and D type men are always in the best selling porns.

  11. BTW….Because C looks under 18 that’s prob why some of these nasty guys voted for him…he’s prob in his 30s! lol what a buzz kill for those guys. lol

  12. A+ as in A-men, brother. For me, easily the hottest abs, and remember, people, it’s the abs that you’re supposed to be looking at. Shame on you all for cheating. Of course, I probably shouldn’t admit that I have a thing for Black and Latino men, and Middle Eastern men, and scruffy Blondes, and white guys with black curly hair. Oh, hell, anybody with a good body, I guess.

  13. I tried to decide between B and C, and even though C was probably closer to my age, I voted B because his is just oozing sex appeal!

  14. B looks like he’s saying to himself, “I am so fucking turned on looking at myself in this mirror…”
    C is the only one who looks like he’d actually speak to you the next time you run into each other at the bar after you hook up.

  15. contestant D looks like a wifebeater.
    i wonder what would’ve happened if this was a faceless contest.
    because i like D’s bod the best.
    (none of these fellows’ *pictures* are really doing anything for me.. ..maybe if i’d seen them in person?)

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