iPhone Wars: Battle of The Tattoos (Part II)

Tattoos don’t get enough love on Manhunt Daily. Or maybe you’re under the impression that they receive too much love. Either way, some of us just need to face the facts–some guys have tattoos. They may hold them dearly, or they may regret them. They may compliment their look or ruin it altogether…

We could go on for days like this, but let’s move on to the actual point of this post! Today’s edition of iPhone Wars features four inked men. Of course, you probably would have noticed that without us saying anything. All in all, who do you think should win this round?

– Dewitt

Photos via: Guys With iPhones

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54 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of The Tattoos (Part II)

  1. I was going to go for C until I saw what he had done. A is the least non-complementing tattoo here.

  2. Fuck the tattoos..I’m voting for the hottest, for me its B, who also happens to have a tattoo, haha.

  3. I’d be alllll over CONTESTANT C in a minute – to suck him dry & cum all over that ink!!!

  4. I will be so glad when the tattoo fad is over. To me nothing worse than taking an absolutely beautiful man and marking him up with all that ink. Especially those tramp stamps… A simple one or two is one thing but for me, give me a natural man!

  5. hah really tattoo fad dude where are u from? tatts have been around for hundreds of years and are not going anywhere. btw i vote c

  6. Contestant C is DISGUSTING. What is wrong with you people. I can only imagine that he is in second place at the moment simply because he is the only one showing his weenier.

  7. besides A hes the only one that looks normal the other 2 just juiced up douche bags only thing wrong with A is his tatt is a little worse then C

  8. Yes Frankie, tattoo’s have been around for thousands of years. What I meant by fad is that everyone (yes, over-exageration here) is wanting one. Many don’t seem to put in any thought into their tats but want to be one of the crowd. Someday they will be 70 years old with a hello kitty tattoo?? Just give me a natural man !

  9. I might be the only one voting for him but D is definitely the hottest and yakuza style tattoos look awesome on him!

  10. I do not like all the tats but I am a strong believer that everyone should have the right 2 do as they chose with reguards 2 there own bodies > So 2 all of U WASHED UP hags who where going 2 vote 4 c ( Davbi ) untill U saw what he had done ( like he was caught burning the flag ) SHUT THE FUCK UP ENOUGH ALREADY !!! BTW I voted 4 C !!

  11. B by a mile….hot bod, hot face, great tat work, tasteful and WOW!!!!

    And for all your guys not into tats, why bother to look or comment?…..the post SAYS Battle of the Tattoos! Can you not read? Were you SURPRISED guys in the pics had tats? We get it, you don’t like them…move on!

  12. D – Good looking, hot body, and the tats complement both. None of the others can say that. I probably wouldn’t turn down B if I were horny but I would turn down A and C. D is the only one here that really floats my boat

  13. well…
    …at least contestant “D”—the one whom i’d voted for—isn’t “losing” by a landslide.

    if i had “played it straight,” i would have selected “B”.
    unfortunately, it appears his body is a tad too large for his cranium, which was a pretty major detraction for the brotha, for me.

    (that was rather unfortunate.)

    with “D,” i can definitely imagine what i’d like to do with the guy, if we happen to have mutual chemistry: a good old muscle worship session, while teasing and edging his meat stick with my mouth, until he finally explodes somewhere.

    (…that’s my fantasy, anyway.)

  14. terrible tattoos… its like they let little school kids with felt tip pens design them

    i am totally ashamed that they are of my species

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