iPhone Wars: Battle of The Gym Shorts

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The past two iPhone Wars haven't been anywhere near close. In both cases, the winning contestant has had a lead of over twenty-percent against the runner-up. Hopefully, today's race will be a little more interesting than the last two. I can never guess how you guys are going to vote!

Today's edition features four hunks in gym shorts. In fact, three of the contestants seem to be wearing nothing but gym shorts. I believe you know how this works by now, right? Click through to vote and leave a comment letting us know who you picked!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

To see full-size pictures and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:


iPhone Wars, Gym shorts, Hot Boys


iPhone Wars, Gym shorts, Hot Boys


iPhone Wars, Gym shorts, Hot Boys


iPhone Wars, Gym shorts, Hot Boys

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11 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of The Gym Shorts

  1. Can’t decide between A and C…Lovin’ the hairy chest on C, but A seems better looking to me in his photo….I’ll take both of them.

  2. damn…. i hate having to choose between all these guys… i want em all!!! good job on picking some hot guys! but i went with A, he’s mostly the type i’d go for.

  3. Contestant D is hottest in my opinion, however this is the battle of the GYm shorts and hence contestant A gets my vote aas I think he captured the theme best

  4. Either the trend of voting here seems to defy logic or it is just me who ‘do not get it’. How come contestant C is on the lead? Please someone explain it to me.
    COntestant C leading can be credited only on one thing: his cock incites voters.

  5. I don’t follow your logic, tresqboy. You have an opinion. Your opinion is not fact. Its an opinion.
    The “only” reason C can lead is his cock? Really? I find him very attractive. I found A to be the most attractive, but C also was a good looking guy. I like a hairy chested guy, and he best fits that bill. And his body (that V) is very hot.
    Adding all those items up, I chose C. His cock had NOTHING to do with my vote.

  6. I like them all, but like daddycentaur, it was basically down to A and C. I almost voted for C, but finally gave it to A, partially for being a little more handsome, but mostly for actually looking at the mirror and for smiling.
    D got points for the fun factor, but then lost them for the shaved chest.

  7. I’m torn between B and C. They are both yummy hot. D looks like a DOUCHE! is that why is he is contestant D? LOL

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