In Bed With Colby Keller: Interview With Zachary Barnett of (Part Three)

When we last left the In Bed With Colby Keller series, our favorite facial-giving sexpert was about to ask his very handsome guest, Zachary Barnett, about therapeutic HIV vaccines. Of course, if you’re just joining us, you’re probably wondering who’s this Zachary Barnett character, what the heck’s the Abzyme Research Fund and why should any of this matter to you.

You can find those answers in Part One and Part Two of this interview.

So are you all caught up? Good! In the grand finale, Colby and Zachary discuss the challenges moving forward with the trial, varying from different strains of HIV to getting negative guys to look beyond HIV stigma to get on board in the search for a cure. There’s also a reference to Colby shaking his tits and an invitation to stalk Zachary on Instagram, so look out for that, too!

– Dewitt

Watch the third part of Colby’s interview with Zachary Barnett below:

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13 thoughts on “In Bed With Colby Keller: Interview With Zachary Barnett of (Part Three)

  1. I don’t get the attraction to Colby Keller – far from being hot!! Dump him & find someone who’s at least attractive!

  2. This is the NEWS section you petulant prick. If all you want is a hot guy, there is a catagory for that purpose. Do the mature people a favor and shut the hell up.

  3. Wrong forum and way too emotionally driven – get a grip,
    perhaps you are overcompensating for your Hungtop moniker?

  4. Dude – it’s a discussion so it’s the proper forum. The moniker is truthful – no over-compensation required.

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