Hot or Not: Married Men

There’s an odd sense of satisfaction that comes with boinking a married man. You’re doing him a service by giving him something his wife (or husband) can’t provide at home. She (or he) might give shitty head, or might not even give head at all. She (or he) might not like it rough or, hell, might like it too rough. And she (or he) might not like shoving a hard, throbbing cock up his ass.

Of course, if you’re one of those people who lets such utterly dreadful concepts as “morals” or “common decency” cloud your judgment—or if you’re looking for a deeper, more meaningful relationship—then you probably aren’t very interested in being the enabler for another man’s infidelity.

Overall, what are your thoughts on married men—Hot or Not? For the “Not” crowd, does it make a difference on a case-by-case basis, like if he’s separated, on the verge of a divorce or part of an open marriage? For the “Hot” crowd, is there anything that would stop you from enjoying some married dick, like having a personal relationship with his partner? Discuss amongst yourselves.

– Dewitt

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Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

Aaron French gives a blowjob to married man Rocco Moore on gay porn site SUCK off GUYS.

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Married Man

37 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Married Men

  1. It’s hot. I know…I’m an asshole to even encourage cheating. AND IT IS CHEATING if its done secretly. One of my goals though is to join a willing hot older married couple like MILF and DILF-status. #BucketList

  2. Tough to say. Being married myself, I am inclined to say that it would be hypocritical of me to enable a cheater. How would I feel if it were me being cheated on? That said, if they were separated or in the middle of a divorce I would be okay with it. If it were a 3-way with the happily married couple then double bonus!

  3. In the middle of a Divorce, okay & can be hot. Still Married, not. Even open is a no for me personally because I’ve seen too many opens get complicated because someone didn’t follow one of the rules & bam! Fights, drama, and the 3rd party gets drug into drama town for being involved. It’s not worth it. Too many single guys to have a 3 way with to put up with that headache.

  4. I find it hot, I’d do it over and over again too.

    Any polyamorous gay crowds looking for a bottom boy? Any time, any place, however.

  5. A married guys is only hot if he’s… well, hot. Most married guys aren’t very attractive and get less attractive as their wives also become more pear shaped. And a guy whose willing to cheat is most definitely not attractive.

  6. This is going to be an interesting thread. If you’re talking morals then obviously you can’t condone it. Outside of the moral stand point, it’s going to be a matter of opinion. I can’t help but find it hot. It makes me a hypocrite because I have been cheated on and know how it feels, and wouldn’t want to be cheated on again, but there has always been something about a married man. Especially married to a woman. Getting with the guy who is supposed to be the epitome of the unattainable “straight” male. I remember being a kid and having your parents or adults tell you not to do something, and you do it and get away with it, it is just a rush. I also think if you are looking for just a sex partner, it keeps the lines pretty clear. A married man isn’t going to push for more than just sex.

  7. A married guy can be hot – their looks do not change with a marriage certificate – but having sex with them is a moral and ethical choice. I wouldn’t cheat, but I have friends who have and do, but that is their choice and I don’t judge them. But with those pics above in story, that oral active guy is WAY hotter looking than then married oral passive guy!

  8. Hot! Obviously depending on the married man. However..I wouldn’t be a cheatee for a married man. I have morals and ethics and cheating is just WRONG. Let me spell that, W-R-O-N-G. And if you do it (without your partner knowing) you are a low-life scumbag. Cheating is for people who have no respect or regard for the feelings of others. Plain and simple.

  9. Sex with a married man? Yes, but only if they are married to a woman. I like to think I am providing something to the guy that he is not getting from his wife. Also, I will only do it if I’m currently not in a relationship. I will play the “dirty mistress”, but I won’t cheat on my own boyfriend.

  10. I agree playing with a partnered/married man in an open relationship can still be a minefield. However, that’s not because of the partnership/marriage; it’s because someone broke the agreed-upon rules. It’s no surprise that there would be drama associated with such a person.

  11. A guy’s marital status doesn’t make him more or less attractive. When I’m having sex, I’m not thinking about what a guy may or may not be getting from someone else. I’m thinking about what he’s giving to me.

  12. With all the battles we are fighting to be married, I think that we as gay men, should respect what marriage means. We shouldn’t even be thinking about getting it on with someone gay or straight if they are married. I have a friend who announced at a party in San Diego that he and his partner of 21 years finally got married legally, and within an hour, there were 4 guys who tried to see if they “played around”. They were so offended that my friend punched the last guy in the face who came on to them.

  13. well, the only dick I suck is single gay dick. If it was a hook up with someone I don’t know who is married to a woman. I’d bend the dude over and plow his ass maybe. Depends on the situation.

  14. To Dewitt: No disrespect, but I wonder if you’d feel the same way about the ‘married men’ issue if someone was fucking YOUR husband?

  15. What makes you think I wouldn’t be fucking my husband from the other end while this happened? Monogamy can be great, but it isn’t the foundation of every relationship.

  16. sounds like that married couple in san diego needs to find some new friends to party with… and thats fine… your example answers the question posed – married guys are ‘hot’… and, once married, lots of folks change friends… just like they do (change social circles) when they have kids… priorities and values oftentimes adjust/change for someone who is married…

    thus, if someone who is married is ‘stepping out’ (even if it is acceptable to all concerned) from the ‘hetero-norm’ of monogamy, then it is usually HOT… in fact, my partner (male) and i are open and find that once folks find out that it (playing around) is fine with either of us – then oftentimes it is no longer ‘hot’ for the guy who was just-then putting the moves on… ymmv…

  17. –lol–I understand that…But let’s just say that you WERE monogamous and found out your husband was playing around with other men…THOSE are the pumps you need to walk in to fully understand what the devoted female (or male!) partners of these DL guys might be feeling…Think about THAT 😉

  18. Not hot. Too much “caca” and nonsense in their heads. Anonimity plays always the card of the coward.

  19. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon (in Las Vegas) we went to a gay bar for some drinks and dancing. We met a nice guy from NYC and chatted with him and told him we’d just gotten married and it was our honeymoon. After a few minutes he asked us if we wanted to “play”. I mean, seriously…just shows how some people think…

  20. I sleep with married men all the time! I prefer them married so their is no “relationship”
    only HOTT,HOTT SEX!! I also have slept with “GAY married men” I’m not married, they are. If they are Hot and they stray into my bed,”Good for Me”

  21. But if he’s married,it adds a “little something else” and if he’s married to a guy,Even Better!

  22. If they are getting divorced than thats different but if he or she is married they are off limits PERIOD !!! I say 2 all of those who are giving this the 2 thumbs up how would you feel if you or someone that you cared about was in fact the one being CHEATED ON ? I know I would not like it and I am sure most of you would not like it as well .

  23. In my younger days, I slept with quite a few married men. I liked that they were “sex only” and the sex was usually great. But the fact that they were married was never a special turn-on in and of itself. (Now the straight guys in college, that’s another story.) One of my friends called me an adulterer during this phase. However technically correct she may have been, I took exception because I was not the one who had broken a contract or vows. It’s like the ridiculousness on shows like Springer when the wife goes after the mistress. Why isn’t she beating the shit out of her husband? He’s the one who did her wrong. If it hadn’t been her it would’ve been someone else.

  24. Wow, hypocritical much? You take your own commitment as special and above cheating, but it’s okay for a “straight” guy to cheat with you? Shows how much you value the dude’s wife.

  25. My hell…the sheer number of guys on here who are okay with having sex with a married man..unbelieveable. It’s one thing if a gay (or even straight) couple’s relationship is open. That’s not my thing at all, and never will be, but I make no judgements, and have no issue whatsoever with it, as long as everyone involved is aware of what’s going on. More power to you, and stay safe.
    But the fact that so many of you are okay with sleeping with married guys because “I’m not the one cheating” or “It’s just sex”…just galls me. You may not be the one being unfaithful in a relationship, but you ARE the one someone else is cheating with. Even if it wasn’t you “It would be someone else” doesn’t make you blameless in this situation….it makes you an asshole. That you would value your boner and orgasm over a real human being’s commitment to the spouse you’re cheating with just shows me that you don’t deserve any lasting commitment of your own if you’re not willing to respect someone else’s.

  26. Amen, brother! If more gay men could see passed their own raging libidos & narcissism, the moral high ground that has eluded them on this issue would be very clear and logical. Maybe these guys will finally adopt a new emotional ‘fashion’ trend afterall: EMPATHY.

  27. Well, thank you, Javier. I consider myself appropriately slut-shamed and called an asshole. I hope you don’t get a nose bleed up there on your high horse. My choices were my choices. You may not agree with them, but name-calling puts knocks you right down in the gutter with the rest of us flawed human beings.

  28. Never said I was better than anyone else. And I’m certainly not. But the fact that you feel like I am trying to “slut-shame” you means you probably have something to feel ashamed of, no matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise. Shame isn’t always 100% bad. If it motivates you (in general, not you personally) to make a change, or be less of an asshole, it serves it’s purpose. Trying to call me out and turn the conversation back around on me just shows that you refuse to accept that you have any part in someone else’s suffering.

    I’ll say it again: if you’re with a married man who genuinely has an open relationship, then great, go at it like rabbits. Be safe. More power to you. I do not and will not judge that life choice (even though it isn’t one I would make for myself) because EVERYONE involved is informed about what’s going on. When you cheat with a married man whose spouse doesn’t know, you take away the spouse’s choice to know what’s going on. You are guilty of that. It’s not 100% the married guy’s fault. It takes at least two people to have sex, and the fact that you’re okay with that…ugh.

    The thing is, after so many years, it’s still “not my fault” seems to be your excuse. You see no shame in having helped someone else break or dishonor their commitment. If you can’t show that respect to someone (being the married man’s wife or husband) who doesn’t know their husband is stepping out on them, then you don’t deserve any lasting commitment. You’re too willing to sacrifice someone else’s commitment for your own pleasure.

  29. You may not have said you were better than anyone else, but by standing in judgement you certainly infer that you are — especially in your hope that your name-calling has made me a better person and that my penance should be a life without lasting commitment. Even the Pope said, “Who am I to judge?” I never said that I wasn’t culpable in the infidelity that was taking place. Obviously I was. Nor was I not aware that someone else was potentially being hurt by my actions. That’s on me.

    I was merely trying to point out that I was not the one in the committed relationship and cheating on my wife. We disagree as to the significance of that role. But everything seems so black and white to you. A lot of the guys I was with were leading tortured lives. I really felt for them. I even aided one of them in his coming out process. I don’t deserve an iota of praise for that. But my point is that life is much more complicated when you’re in the muck, rather than viewing it from on high.

  30. The idea is hot, but I would only do a married guy if his partner is aware and okay with me providing him some cumguzzling fun. On the other hand, there are an unfortunately high amount of marry-the-gay away guys where I live, in fact one, that I am head over heels in love with (not the lusty sex stuff, I would sacrifice being with him that way as long as we could stay friends). Because they got married so early and fear their sexuality, they tend to dominate these sites and make it very difficult for guys who are okay with themselves (guys like me) to find someone that wants something more than a hookup that we feel guilty about.

  31. did i ever mention im married? being sneaky is half the fun! married guys have always been my favorite to fuck. the best is when a guy just fucked his wife and you can taste her pussy on his cock

  32. I’ve given b.j.’s to tons of married men..We both get what we want and thier back off to their girlfriends or wifes who can’t or won’t..I’m in the Sardinia/Cincinnati area..Can come to You or You can come to Sardinia..I’m a mile off Route 32..Message..

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