In Bed With Colby Keller: Fantasy Fulfillment

When we go for a couple of weeks without a “In Bed With Colby Keller” video, I get very depressed. We’re talking Golden Girls marathons, an abundance of candy wrappers, and crying jags when deprived of the wit and wisdom of Manhunt‘s resident “sexpert” Colby Keller. This week Colby talks about fantasy. Is it always a good thing to realize a sexual fantasy? Or is the fantasy always better than the reality? Click play to hear Colby’s thoughts on the matter.

– J. Harvey

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Colby Keller's dick

10 thoughts on “In Bed With Colby Keller: Fantasy Fulfillment

  1. sorry, i just don’t get your fascination with this man. he’s mediocre at best and on here way too much. enough.

  2. Colby is particularly hott because of his awesome attitude and sense of humor (and use of humor in relaying info etc.). I’d happily take him (and/or be taken by him) any day over the average ripped muscle guy. No contest.

  3. I love Colby, not only do I think he’s Hot but he seems like someone I’d love to go have a drink and a few laughs with

  4. I have a love/hate relationship going on (in my mind) with Colby. As a performer, he’s awesome. As a man, he’s sexy. As an advice giver, he’s good and all. BUT if he could just ground himself a bit more and let go of the need to over-express, wildly gesture and slide off into modified and animated voices, his advice would be so much more effective. It’s clear that he wants to share what he has learned and that’s awesome but holding back just a bit when presenting would be a very good thing.

    Still, go for it Colby and thanks for all the advice you’re dishing out.

  5. Perhaps I’m biased as someone who tends to make wild gestures and slide off into animated voices mid-sentence, but I love these videos just the way they are.

    This just seems like Colby being Colby, and I’d rather see someone being genuine than “holding back” for the sake of presentation.


  6. I do the same thing but when you’re presenting it’s incredibly distracting. I’m not looking for Colby to not be Colby (or you to be you) but you can more effectively present information when your actions aren’t distracting from your words. I’m talking basic presentation skills here not holding back information or personality.

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