In And Out Of Swim Trunks

‘Tis the season for hanging around by the water, and we know we’re not the only ones who appreciate gawking at all the hot jocks in their bathing suits. It’s just a shame that those aforementioned jocks don’t take off their trunks and fuck one another like Liam, Hayden and Justin. Now that’d make a trip to the pool a lot more interesting!

Technically, Justin is the only one who gets fucked in this scene, but let’s not worry too much about the technicalities. And while we’re at it, can we refrain from the “OMG, they’re looking at the camera” comments? These guys are hot enough to get away with shit like that.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: English Lads

To check out these boys in action, follow the JUMP:

39 thoughts on “In And Out Of Swim Trunks

  1. LOL Tommy, you’re an idiot, Dewitt already mentioned that!

    This would be hotter if it were just the 2 blondes!

  2. and it’s called a photoshoot. they’re supposed to look at the camera during a photoshoot. filming is totally different

  3. Those guys are not hot. Not everyone who’s in porn is hot just b/c they f*ck in front of a camera. And for those who’ll vociferously defend them, get a life.

  4. These fellows are very very very very very very pale. Well, what am I saying? English lads, right? I certainly hope they have had tons of SPF slathered on them lest they crisp up in the sun. I don’t think these fellows are very attractive at all.

  5. So what if it’s a photo shoot. That doesn’t mean they have to stare at the camera with those stupid “Look at me, I’ve got my dick up this guys ass” looks on their faces. They might look somewhat hot if they at least pretended to be concentrating on the sex.

  6. “It’s a photo shoot! They’re supposed to look at the camera!”

    So stupid, it made me laugh.


  7. You guys ever thought that MAYBE the director of the shoot asked them to look at the camera…? Just sayin’

  8. I wouldn’t go so far as “vociferously” defending them, but my take on them is that, after viewing the video, these guys are indeed hot. As for getting a life, already have one. And it’s one where everyone can have differing views, and not subject themselves to one ideal, whether with or without flaws. Big deal if not everyone is in agreement…it would be creepy if everyone did share the same views.

  9. “You guys ever thought that MAYBE the director of the shoot asked them to look at the camera…? Just sayin’”

    and that’s exactly the problem. it’s not their personal fault of cos. it’s called bad directing.

  10. “And while we’re at it, can we refrain from the “OMG, they’re looking at the camera” comments?”

    lol, dewitt! didn’t work haha. all the comments are only about that.

  11. The blonde sucking dick has a mildly interesting body, the brunette has a mildly interesting face, nothing in this “photoshoot” to go gaga over.

  12. bitter queens!i like to see handsome guys in porn shoots but looks are,nt everything,the one in the dark blue shorts is nice

  13. Hey: Maybe not GQ mag material but 3 damm cute “guys next door” type. Can cum in my bed anytime!!! Nice bods, faces, and pckgs there.

  14. It looks like brothers getting it on… how boring for them…if I wanted to shag someone who looks just like me, I would be called narcicism.

    maybe when they pass puberty and grow some hair somewhere, they may also know how to fuck without a “director” !!

    Why do these 20yr olds think they have a clue what they are doing?? Everyone I have played with under 30 have been boring, inept, and bordering on incapable… unless they lie there and make me do al the work, then they think they are brilliant… live playing with a carcass in the butcher shop!

    Lets some 30s and 40s getting it on for real!!

  15. Amateur porn has made us think that anybody can be a porn star. Looking at the camera makes it seem really trashy somehow…like these guys want recognition from us that they fucked in front of a camera. I’ll never understand these kids today!

  16. i like it…i don’t know why you guys keep bashing on the cute guys. and i agree i like the one in the dark blue shorts too.

  17. Cute? So not! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Its not my eye for sure. Each time I click on this page, I am always dissapointed. Wont be anyone.

  18. Not so hot. I give it a 2 limp dick rating. I am always dissapointed when I click on this page…

  19. How many People have had there picture taken with out looking at the FUCKING camera !!! Maybe next time they can turn there heads so we can get a nice ear lobe shot SHIT HEADS !!!

  20. more young stuff who wouldn’t have a clue what they are supposed to be doing. keep smiling at the cameras girls, the penny is surely to drop.

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