I’m Tired Of (Rihanna) Rumors Starting


You know what's nearly just as infuriating as a new Chris Brown single? All these damn Rihanna rumors! With nearly every week that passes, it seems like she's romantically linked to a new man. First, there were claims that she was boning Bromance contestant Frankie Delgado. Then she was actually boning Brody Jenner. Oh wait, now she's boning rapper Drake? Kanye West? Or did she just go lesbo for Katy Perry?

In the words of the great poet Missy Elliott, stop talking about who she's "sticking and licking just mad it ain't yours". Of course, if you're Justin Timberlake, you just might be the owner of what she's sticking and licking. According to Star Magazine, the two singers have been hitting it off in the studio and beyond. And while I'd normally frown upon such a rumor, the idea of these two bumping nasties is kind of hot. Do you think this is just more tabloid fodder? Or could these two actually have something going on?

– Dewitt

5 thoughts on “I’m Tired Of (Rihanna) Rumors Starting

  1. Thank you for the Missy quote, that made my day. As for who she’s dating, I for the most part don’t care. I just want her to make some good new material.

  2. Oh please missy… you post at least a few times a month guessing whether so-and-so is gay, if he’s dating this guy or that one… and you worry about the same thing with her? Why?
    Either it’s news to speculate on a celebrities orientation and current cuddlefuckbunny, or it’s not. You’ve seemingly established that it is… so get over it.

  3. I actually think they would make a cute couple… Though I think Jessica is much more suited for Justin. Actually, Justin would be more suited for me! YUM!

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