German Men Ranked As Worst Lovers


According to fifteen-thousand women, German men are the worst lovers because of their body odor. The women complained that English men were too lazy, Swedish men were too fast, Dutch men were too dominating and American men were too rough. Spanish, Brazilian and Italian men were ranked as the best lovers.

When are they ever going to do gay versions of these studies? I don't know about you, but I like it a little rough! Then again, I am American, so it'd make sense. Still, it'd be nice to know if Brazilians fuck as good as they look. Maybe we should do a field study…

– Dewitt

12 thoughts on “German Men Ranked As Worst Lovers

  1. That’s funny. I used to have a German boss at school. He wasn’t bad to look at, but the musky scent whenever he walked by got me so horny! I used to fantasize about him all the time.

  2. Hhhmmmm….three of my favorites…Spaniards, Italians and Brazilians…I’d have to agree with that study.

  3. well according to the collected knowledge of my friends and I, americans are good fucks and for the mst part well endowed, english are a mixed bag, germans are not that great, and yes they have been known to smell! the hottest sex tends to come from fiery tempered nations, this being italy, the entire hispanic world(although the dick size varies wildly within) and surprisingly russians and also definitely the irish. but I am a sucker for an accent so im generally happy!

  4. North American men are too rough, because most of these men are CIRCUMCISED (about 80% of US men are circumcised from birth). A penis deprived of foreskin menas that it has to thrust much harder to gain the same stimulation as the intact penis does. The Hispanics and Italians are virtually all uncircumcised (they’ve never had a circumcision tradition), so that these men fall easily into sync with their partner – coitus is smoother, and the woman is more easily brought to orgasm.

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