Hot Photographer: Greg Endries

The Summer Diary Project is a never-ending well of naturalistic photoshoots of manly men in various states of undress. I know it’s supposed to be “art” but who said “art” couldn’t be hot? There’s porn that I think of as “art” or close enough to it, but I still busted a load over it. This set’s called “Mr. Lister’s Holiday” and the holiday in question must be the fourth of July cuz’ model Matt Lister is firmly packed into a Speedo with little to no need for any other apparel. The photographer is Greg Endries, and damn, does Greg know how to shoot a dude or what? Masculine Matt here is hairy perfection, and Endries captured that perfectly.

Check out more of “Mr. Lister’s Holiday” below.

Michael Xavier





Source: The Summer Diary Project and Greg Endries

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