Hot or Not: Lost In The Hood

Lost In The Hood is a new porn site, and I’ll wholeheartedly admit that I was quite uneasy when I first heard about it. Here’s the basic premise of one of their clips. A young man walks through a “bad” neighborhood, when he’s spotted by a pair of “thugs”. They follow him into a bathroom and then proceed to dominate, humiliate and essentially rape him.

While it’s one thing to feed into the forced element of this fantasy, my bigger problem was with the fetishization of black men as “thugs”. Frankly, this isn’t anything new in gay porn. Hell, there are plenty of black-themed sites that have some variation of the word “thug” in them, or at least use the phrase in their promotional materials. Why do I suddenly take issue with this one?

Duh, because it perpetuates a negative racial stereotype! The general message isn’t “black men are hot”. It’s something along the lines of, “Black men are bad people who will kidnap you and violently shove their cocks up your ass. Isn’t that kind of hot?” Not okay!

All around, I can already sense how some of you will respond to this rant–“Chill out, dude! It’s just porn.” But given all the racism that’s already in the gay community, I can’t merely “chill out” and get over this. The site is billed as “reality content”. Some sheltered lad living in West Bumblefuck might watch this and think, “Oh, this must happen all the time!” Ugh, am I overreacting about this? Or is this actually pretty damn offensive?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lost In The Hood

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56 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Lost In The Hood

  1. Far be it from me to knock fetishes, but I checked this site out a few days ago and was appalled. I then wanted to see if I was the only one so I sent the link to a group of friends, multi racial girls and guys straights and gays and lesbians and bis (I have a diverse open minded friendset thankfully). Not one of them thought this was an appropriate theme for a site.

    To have porn where it simulates a rape scenario is one thing, and my personal views on that are also negative, but this specific site seems to be playing into a very hard to break stereotype of black men in this country, not just as the thug, but as the criminal who will rob you, take everything from you and leave you violated in every way possible. One of the lines in one of the clips I watched even had one of the raping actors saying something along the lines of ‘We’re taking your money, we’re taking your apartment AND we’re taking your ass’ as if to further drive the point in. This will only further instill and foster hatred both intra and interracially and I, for one, do not approve of this site’s message. I think it should be removed. I also believe that the scenes in which they are raping men of color are just as bad as those in which the white men are being raped.

  2. While the granite counter-top sink – with fresh flowers – probably isn’t in any “hood,” the “reverse racism” and (unjust) stereotyping which these photos and clip clearly indicate are offensive across-the-board. They say, once again, that everything is OK… as long as there is an almighty buck to be made along the way. I can’t imagine how anyone – of any race- would find this tolerable. Time for a major boycott.

  3. Everytime I think people cannot get any dumber, someone comes along and shows me that I am wrong. Are you kidding me? You are going to get offended by a porn because it depicts a negative stereotype. Do you normally look at porn and think “now that’s an accurate reflection of real life”? If you do, I would love to know the last time you had a pizza delivered and the hot delivery guy asked you to tip him with nature’s credit card. I assume you also must have a huge problem with “Family Guy” and its depiction of Mort the Jew or “South Park’s” Big Gay Al. Even better, how about films like “Maid in Manhattan”, “Goonies”, or the Oscar-winning “Crash” for depicting the stereotype of the latina maid/housekeeper? People need to spend more of their energy on fighting real problems rather than looking for problems in places where there are not any to begin with.

  4. I’m all for fantasies, but this is indeed going too far. That said, when the culture itself identifies and glorifies “the thug life,” who are we to say we’re offended by it?

  5. What are you gonna do? If that site gives you a bad view towards blacks, you already had that opinion to begin with. You feature a minority model on here and chances are someone is gonna leave at least one ignorant comment. Just click another site, if you don’t like it.

  6. While I agree with you post, I have to point out that there is no such thing as “reverse racism”. The reverse of racism is tolerance. But again, I do get your point, it just implies that only people of European descent can/are racist.

  7. I’ve had the chance to hook up with all sorts of different types of people. but, no matter how physically hot they are once I see anyone referring to themselves as ‘thug’ or ‘nikka’ (yeah, they spell it that way – or any variation thereof) I instantly get turned off. Why keep these negative stereotypes going? Damn I hate that.

  8. As a young black gay man myself, I understand the point of view of Emmdee but I face these stereotypes everyday. I am not easily offended at all. As a black gay New Yorker who now lives in Chicago that has a college degree and actually knows how to swim, stereotypes are funny to me. But there is a line between funny and distasteful. It’s hard to find a date, hook up or boyfriend because black gay men are only portrayed in 3 ways in any media: Feminine sissy “boi”, Masculine “thug” men, or Down Low. Most gay men are proud and unashamed to say they are attracted to “whites or latinos” and while this is not the only reason, it fuels the fire. Too many times I’ve heard the phrase “You’re cute for a black guy” or “You are a very well educated, well spoken black man”. The flip side of this site is the way they are turning black men into a fetish. I’ve had want to date me or have sex with me because they ONLY like black men because of the stereotype of the “BBC”. During sex with a white guy, he asked me to fuck him with my “Big Black Cock”. Complete boner killer. I immediately left. Its hard because either I’m either disregarded or fantasized about just because of said stereotype but once the sex is over, no one wants to date due to social or economical stereotypes of uneducated, aggressive, loud, ignorant black men. Thank God I found a loving boyfriend who wants me for my personality and my intelligence and gets my big dick as a bonus. Hahaha.

  9. I really liked your post, Arocka, until I read the part about your boyfriend! As a white man living in Chicago, I’ve always found black men attractive. However, the 3 ways to “categorize” a black man are all too common. And while I’ve had relationships with other white guys and I’ve been in interracial relationships, I’ve seen some old friends opinions and attitudes towards me change based on the relationship I’m in, which is why they’re old friends and not friends anymore.

    I definitely think this site takes things too far. Not to mention, I very rarely see interracial porn that is depicting without displaying these stereotypes.

  10. Manhunt seems to be having their cake and eating it too. While DeWitt condemns the racist stereotyping found in the site, he also presents “erotic” images from it. Does manhunt get a cut every time there is a click through?

  11. I completely agree, why are they promoting this negative stereotype??!!! And it’s really annoying because, as you said, they aren’t the only site that do it.

    I’m often described as a little naive because of the way I think at times (I blame it on growing up on Disney cartoons: love them even now at 19, lol :P). But I honestly don’t know why people can’t just get along with others and not stereotype or discriminate due to race…Is it really THAT HARD? I manage to do it everyday and I don’t find it hard.

    I just really wish people would stop trying to classify individuals using stereotypes and start actually “LOOKING” at them for who they are and get to know others without predetermining they personality.

  12. very true, manhunt is just telling us what they think about the site and it’s “theme”. personally, i hate it and plan to make sure the site is aware of this!

  13. I have to say what is all the fuss about, If this is the getto wow, the bathroom looks like white suburbs, This is fantasy guys we all have thought about been in prsion and been fucked by a few guys, the ups man the fed ex man hell any man lol but do we here a cry out about fantasy No Whys it when race is a fantasy we go s crazy I am from england and we dont get this freaked out about how we have fantasy porn
    GROW up usa and get this is fantasy, I myseff have thought how hot to be robbed and raped fantasy ony
    what was yours

  14. ODIOUS!

    My sexual fantasies do NOT involve humiliation, degradation and/ or violence. But I know that there are those who find such things exiting, who am I to judge? I nevertheless agree with Dewitt that the moment such behavior [some call them fetishes] are predominately linked to the sexual exploits of one particular race it all starts to smell like something approximating racism. And that makes me very uncomfortable.

  15. I think the OPPOSITE of racism is tolerance. I put it in quotes because it’s an awkward thing to describe. I think most often – or at least very often – white people are accused of (and are guilty of) being discriminatory against others. This, to me, is an indication of an “alternative” racism,
    black “vs.” white. Both… all forms are wrong and offensive.

  16. The music community has glorified this in their videos, rape, and horribly defamating depiction of women, we have no one to blame but the kids who buy this crap that make these people rich, parents get a hold on your kids

  17. I don’t see what the whole drama is about – this is basically Haze Him, but with black men instead.

    Last time I checked, HazeHim videos were very popular.

  18. I found this web site uttering revolting; we all know it’s nothing new this stereotypical campaign in porn has been going on for decades. A major percentage of African Americans males in porn are bundle into this dominant, aggressive, thug clichéd. Being apart of the African American community I am very conscious of the fact that African Americans are not considered “sexually enviable”, in either heterosexual or homosexual societies. When I have questioned the rationale behind this skewed philosophy I have received the customary answer “Sorry just a preference”, will I actually ever get a viable retort well the jury is still out on that one. I feel that staying silent allows this trite behavior to continue, as a community we need to step up and face the fact that there is a problem. This stereotypical imagery does not describe nor include all African American men. If this such imagery continues, which it probably will; their needs to be an equal equivalent
    showing men of color in a diverse light.

  19. I was intrigued and joined the site…DO NOT BOTHER! It is the worst functioning site ever. Nothing about it works properly…from signing up (and watch for the 2 additional sites it has conveniently checked for you…costing an additional 45.00 if you dont catch it before hitting submit)…to attempting to download any of the videos. I tried several “episodes” and all stopped every 2-3 seconds to “buffer”…only site to ever do that on my laptop. Then when you try to leave a message, the you continually get an error message when entering the “code” at the end. I’m not an idiot…I can copy letters and numbers! Then, as if that were not bad enough, when you try to leave a message for the billing service, the email doesn’t go through and they dont return your calls. I am sure it is a scam of some sort…protect yourslef if after all this you attempt to sign up…use a credit card they cant completely drain! Stay far away from this site!!!

  20. You know rape is strong term and kinda harsh. Let’s call it “surprise sex” instead.
    Nice work, Dewitt, it looks like you’ve really stirred the pot on this one. Whooohooo.

  21. what can i say?

    devon looked like he was in hog heaven.



    listen: in the year 2011, if any one of you still believes this is how the majority, or entirety, of [black americans] are, then you yourself are already Mentally Troubled anyway, and are in much more dire need of “help” than these so-called thugs (who {in this instance, anyway} are attempting to earn money in a legal {if not somewhat-dubious} manner).


    and keep on turning that conveniently-blinded eye to the varying misdeeds—small and large—which your own, respective, ethnicity perpetrates: just you remember that the original “street thugs” (whom a good number of unfortunate Blacks had, indeed, eventually emulated) were european whites.

    concurrently: bear in mind that it is said [{american} whites] who had “robbed” & pillaged america, (and also the world), the most, and for the longest: Wall Street, “Expeditioners,” Corporate Executives, anyone?

  22. a lot of people would say it was problematic too, given that some have issues with rape, and not just race….

    and historically speaking, having a white person raping a black person can be seen as very charged as well….

  23. cant believe you folks find incest OK, but Fantasy Rape NOT, you all have to be kidding me, its Porn Fantasy!!!!!!

  24. So you complain about the stereotype of the “big black cock” but then make a point to let us know you have a big black cock. Make up your mind. You are either offended or you are not. You cannot complain about a stereotype and then say that you are proud to fit that stereotype in the same paragraph.

  25. It’s a stupid negative stereotype which is sadly here and most likely not going away any time soon. It’s the same for Gay men in general on TV & movies. They are made out to be feminine sissy boys who love to sing show tunes and dress up in women’s clothing. I don’t know about many of you, but I have no desire to dress like a woman or act like one. Sure I may not be a jock and love sports, but I also don’t have Liza Minnelli & Barbra Streisand on my iPod play list. In fact, I can’t stand their music. Hmmm, maybe there should be a site that has White men as the thugs and a Black guy being a submissive twink or maybe a “Thug” black guy going into a nice upscale white neighborhood and getting raped by the businessmen dressed in suits who live there.

  26. Note he complained about the “BBC” stereotype….THEN mentioned that his boyfriend gets his big cock…not once did he mention that he has a “BBC”

  27. What a complete sham!

    You deride the content, then conveniently provide a link to site via pornographic photographs.

    Whilst there might be legitimate problems with the stereotypes they’re peddling, you get a cut of the click-throughs to their site. Profiting from stereotypes you profess to hate?

    Also, on a note about the content itself, there’s quite a bit of black thugs fucking black guys. The black guys are just as often the willing victims as the white guys.

    I really hate this sort of manufactured outrage.

  28. I suppose my opinion is fairly straightforward.

    If this is what excites someone, have at it. Certainly, it’s stereotyping – and the undertones of that can be unpleasant – but there’s numerous stereotypes that some groups of people find highly offensive or outright wrong. Barebacking vs safesex? Certainly, I’ve not seen Manhunt get into an upset over bareback porn, or that it encourages people to have sex without condoms. Instead, they slap on a little disclaimer at the bottom and go on their merry way.

    Maybe I just have too much faith in people being educated enough to know that not everyone falls into a given stereotype? Or do people really believe everyone from the south sits around eating fried chicken, shooting animals, plotting against ‘the man’ and fucking their cousins?

    For the record, I’ve only done one of them.

    And I don’t eat fried foods.

  29. this exact senario happened to a friend of mine at west hollywood 24 hour eatery recentley…..serious

  30. The key thing to remember with sites like these are that they are purely meant to play into a person’s fantasy. Alot of men get off to the thought of black men getting rough with or dominating them. And in that regard, I don’t see much harm to it.

    Do I find it offensive? Yes! I am a black male and there are already enough negative stereotypes surrounding us (especially in the gay community) without crap like this reinforcing it. Thugs, femmes, men on the down low, objects for people’s sexual amusement… These are seriously how some people depict us and expect us to act. (Though after reading a lot of the comments on this post, I can comfortably say not a lot.) But you can’t place it all on sites like these. If you are a white guy looking for “bbc only”; a black guy with your pants halfway around your knees acting (and I do mean acting) like an extra in Tupac music video; or someone who cannot see other black men (or yourself) as an individual and not as one of the four categories above, you arent helping.

    This is nothing new guys. And overall I only see this site as purely fantasy and no more outrageous than most stuff I have seen online and especially in porn.

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