Hot Or Not: Getting Flogged

A flogger is that many-tendriled whipping device used to punish/titillate your partner. I was flogged once. It was during an orgy on a gay cruise, and there were a bunch of us in a stateroom fooling around. And from behind me I heard “Hey! I forgot I packed this!” and then WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP. Dude flogged me on the back and ass! It was only five or six strokes and I didn’t love it. But to please the guy, I wiggled my ass and moaned. My Oscar is kept on my windowsill so the neighbors can admire it.

Here’s Alan and Bruno using a flogger before they dive into some barebackin’ fuck action. Do you think being flogged is hot or an ouchy turn-off?

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Jalif Studio

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12 thoughts on “Hot Or Not: Getting Flogged

  1. I’m sorry, but the video is laughable, along with the photos. I agree with alaskaman, perhaps some bad drugs goin on? (mind you, are there really any ‘good’ drugs?) And as far as “flogging”, I certainly wouldn’t call anything goin’ on there as really being flogging. Just smackin’ the other guy with a flogger isn’t “flogging” — it’s just “smacking”, lol. I don’t think that guy really knows what he’s doing, except what he was told to do by the director. And one thing is for sure, you avoid the back area around the kidneys (as a matter of safety and health) . . . the guy in the vid is just smackin’ random. Not wise or safe flogging.

    I’ve flogged, and i’ve been flogged . . . it’s a sexual, sensual thing in itself. It can be incredibly hot. And as part of some hot bdsm or sexual play, pretty damn amazing. The pictures and video above . . . definitely not hot.

  2. I’m really, really sorry to hear about your flogging experience. THAT isn’t how it is done when it’s done correctly. What you got is the opposite of that. Only pain pigs are going to love getting smacked out of the blue like that. You should have jumped up and went to him and said “Oh, wait, I forgot I packed my bitchslap hands” and then slapped the shit out of him 5 or 6 times. “That get ya hot, fucker?”

    When done correctly, it is totally hot.

  3. Eeee….flogging can totally be hot…but the example stuff you pulled is…most definitely not. >.< Couldn't finish…and just. Yikes.

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