Hot House: Can You Cum Without Using Your Hands?

Ooooo, we love a survey! (And tell us the full story in the comments section if your answer was “yes!”)


In the latest scene from Hot House’s “TKO Total Knockouts,” porn superstar Trenton Ducati fucks dearly departed hotness Alexander Gustavo so hard that he cums hands-free. Now THAT’s getting fucked. If he’s hitting it just right, you can cum like its a damn magic trick

Standing up, Alexander grips the chain link cage surrounding the ring as Trenton continues his pounding. Trenton fucks Alexander so hard that he shoots hands-free, dripping his thick, white semen across the ring. Kneeling down, Alexander opens his mouth and makes his face the target for Trenton’s massive, spurting cum shot. TKO and done.

This must have been one of the last scenes that Alexander filmed before his untimely passing, and it shows off what a talent he was and how good he was at what he did. 🙁

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Michael Xavier


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