Hot Flash: Tomas Falmer

You might want to get your hands on a copy of the September issue of Attitude. Within the pages of the magazine lies an underwear editorial by Swedish photographer Tomas Falmer, and there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll put a tent in your pants. A boner tent, obviously.

Not only is the featured model extraordinarily sexy, but Falmer’s camerawork is absolutely stunning. From the subdued color scheme to the excellent compositions, we’re not having an easy time removing our eyes from these images. Let’s just hope someone else will clean all the drool off our desks…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Tomas Falmer

To check out more of this photo shoot, follow the JUMP:

(via Homotography)

44 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Tomas Falmer

  1. LOL. It’s either “Why did he shave?!?!” or “I don’t like hair.” UGH!!! Enjoy the beauty!!!
    And speaking of which!!! LOVE these pics! Very sexy!

  2. Once again, agreeing with ToddM here, he’s very sexy. And he’s right, too many guys here are “not into” too many things. Get over it. Beauty is beauty.

  3. i like the way these photos are shot. they look like they’re from the perspective of someone sneaking a look at a hot guy at the pool. very sexy, very “i had something to do today, but i’ve been looking out the window of my hotel room for 45 minutes”.

  4. The photo shoot technique does seem voyeuristic, but I’m left feeling like I never got a real good look at the guy…and he definitely appears to be someone I would like to get a closer look at!

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