Hot Flash: Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro

Would it be wrong to assume you’re already familiar with Quinn Jaxon? The underwear model and extremely hung go-go boy made his Manhunt Daily debut back in March 2012 (or technically April 2011), and since then, we haven’t been able to escape the grasps of his omnipresent sexiness. He’s posed for Paragon Men, danced in RuPaul‘s music video and slutted it up in more Andrew Christian videos than we can count. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Earlier this week, Marlen Boro‘s assistant John sent over some exclusive shots, taken from Jaxon’s shoot with the talented male nude photographer. We wound up bonding over our mutual love for Vinny Castillo‘s work, but before that, he had the following to say:

“We have a special treat coming up for Team Boro members this month and wanted to give Manhunt Daily readers a little extra taste. This month at Male Boudoir will feature more slide shows, steamier shots and a special model for Mr. Week Three.  While TB members will have to wait a few days to see Quinn all dressed up for success, MH Daily readers are getting this exclusive sneak peek of how Quinn slips into (and out of) something a little more comfortable after a hard day at the office…”

John elaborated in a post on Boro’s site, promising that we’ll get to see Quinn like we’ve never seen him anywhere else. We’re intrigued by this promise. I mean, we’ve already seen the guy’s butthole… What else is there to see?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Marlen Boro

Look below for some exclusive shots of Quinn Jaxon posing for Marlen Boro:

Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro.

Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro.

Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro.

Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro.

Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro.

Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro.



12 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Quinn Jaxon by Marlen Boro

  1. Nice piece, my only issue is when guys shave off other body hair to make a treasure trail, it looks kinda weird….unnatural.

  2. I’m a big fan of Quinn and an even bigger fan of his big beautiful cock. He’s such a sexy fucker. I look forward to the day when he decides to do some gay porn. Please let that be soon…and ever more so, please let it include me.

  3. He has lol For Randy Blue, a solo jerk off vid. Went by the name of Madison something

  4. Guys hot, loved him ever since I first saw him in the AC video carwash.. but, hes supposedly str8 and engaged.. though ive seen him in a few things, and if hes str8 than I am the queen of France.. I wouldn’t even buy that hes bisexual

  5. Oh yea, I’m very familiar with that. Kurt Madson. It really sealed the deal for me. But I want to see him doing naughty things with dudes…in particular getting his sexy ass fucked…hard!

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