An Interview With Rogan Richards: Making Porn, Making Art & Pre-Cumming For Star Wars

Rogan Richards: a buff, handsome, take-no-prisoners power-fucking alpha-male porn star who oozes masculinity and gives 110% in every scene. Really, what better intro is there than that? But seriously though, Rogan is full of personality, a great sport, and of course… He’s all about the […]

Daddy’s Boys: Jake Marshall & Zion Jay Prescott’s Intergenerational Flip-Fuck

In taking advantage of their performers’ versatility, Hot Dads Hot Lads manages to break two gay porn clichés at once. Tattooed, silver-haired DILF Jake Marshall isn’t confined to the dominant role usually seen in older/younger pairings, while at the same time, his costar Zion Jay Prescott […]