He’s gonna poke somebody’s eyes out with that thing!

It’s the Pretty Boy Dirty Boy himself – Maluma, baby!

The Colombian singer and reigning thirst trap king is back with more pictures for his fans to fantasize about. So far in 2023, Maluma has released new songs such as “La Fórmula,” “La Reina,” “Dialo, Qué Chimba,” “Coco Loko,” and “Tá OK.” The latter was a collaboration with Karol G and Brazilian artists Dennis DJ and Kevin O Chris.

In his downtime, Maluma likes to keep sharing thirst traps on Instagram for fans to keep their eyes on. This year, he’s been sharing pictures lots of pictures wearing nothing but a towel covering his private parts, lounging around in underwear, and suggestive shots showing off his muscular body.

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